2018 Award Winners

2018 might have been called “the year of pink gin,” but overall we found it a comforting year where we re-visited some old favorites like G’vine Floraison and St. George’s Dry Rye. Yes, they’re still at the top of their game.

But it was also a year where That Boutique-y Gin Company pushed our expectations with excellent single botanical gins and up and coming distillers from Portland, Peru and beyond wowed us.

Check out our previous award winners: 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Double Gold

Warden Gin

Hardshore Original Gin

Dry Rye Gin

Back River Gin

Big Gin

G’vine Floraison

Neroli Gin


Tanqueray Old Tom

Bog Gin

Aged Perry’s Tot Gin

Alibi Gin

Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin

Angelica Dry Gin

Pomp and Whimsy Gin Liqueur

Campari Negroni

Love Warrior Gin

Short Path Winter Gin

Black Fox Oaked Gin

Aviation Gin

Black Button Garden Gin

London to Lima Gin

Boodles Gin

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin

Common Gin


Damrak Gin

Finger Lime Gin


Proper Pink Gin

Yuletide Gin

Scandinavian Spruce Gin

Blush Gin

Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin

Citadelle Réserve

Booth’s Gin

Striped Gin

G’vine Nouaison

Big Sur Gin

Beefeater 24

Pink Bear Gin

Oxley Gin

Washtub Gin

Pier View Gin

Sloane’s Dry Gin

Batchers’ Gin

Tiki Gin

Pinckney Bend Gin

Unity Gin

BVD Borovicka

Leopold’s Gin (Batch no. 17-27)

Loch & Union Distilling Barley Gin

Stoutridge Dry Gin

Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin

Wiggly Bridge Gin

Romeo’s Gin

Lifted Spirits Bright Gin

Spring 44 Mountain Gin

Dry Town Gin

Expeditionary Gin

Rhubarb Triangle Gin

The Pharmacist Old Tom Gin

Chapter One Navy Strength Gin


Big Dipper Gin

Roslags Gin

No Mistake Old Tom Gin

Bimini Gin

Purple Daze Gin

Jory’s Gin

Letherbee Gin

Juniperus borovička so zubrovkou

Borec Borovička Citrus

Spišská Borovička s horcom

Seersucker Gin

Monkey Face Gin

CitroLondon Dry Gin

Jackelope Gin

Cucamelon Gin