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I’m not sure you’ve heard— but Rhubarb Gin and Pink Gins are big in late 2018. Although much of the rhubarb revolution has seemingly been centered around the UK, Blush Gin represents New Zealand’s entry into the market. And by all accounts— it’s been a huge hit.

Blush Gin is bottled at 37.5 ABV it is similar to other rhubarb gins in that the rhubarb is macerated in a gin after distillation. It has a rosey hue to it in the bottle and is markedly pink.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Blush Gin is delicately strawberry, bright fresh mandarins and rhubarb with still a lot of gin character as well. Though juniper is a subtle note on the nose, coriander, cassia and licorice add depth and squarely remind you— this is a gin. It’s far more balanced in favor of the gin than either of the pink gins from Beefeaters or Gordon’s on the market today.

Blush Gin is clean and bright on the palate. It’s also remarkably true to the nose. Sweetness hits you at first, with notes of lemon curd and rhubarb. Gentle spice and a hint of green juniper pokes out of the background mid-palate.

Juicy Mandarins and tangerine juice take the sweetness through the finish, while spice continues to evolve on the back of the palate. As if an anise and cardamom infused marmalade— strawberry rhubarb pie notes come out.

The taste is remarkably complex, with the gin botanicals adding a LOT to the palate of Blush Gin.


Blush Gin I think is best on its own. But I also know many people are mixing with these pink gins.

It’s far too sweet for a Gin and Juice. I paired it with Fever Tree’s elderflower tonic, and while it had a nice intense floral bouquet, it was again a touch too sweet. I really preferred the Blush Gin and Tonic with Fever Tree’s Light tonic. It lets the natural sweetness of rhubarb come through without being too cloying.

Beyond that, I simply suggest enjoying it neat or on the rocks. Blush Gin is pretty much a ready-to-drink cocktails right out of the bottle.

Overall, Blush Gin

Blush Gin is among the best of this new breed of pink gins and rhubarb gins I’ve tried. And the reason for that is the strength of the botanicals underneath it. Although I think it could be even better at a higher proof— it’s a solid effort with wide appeal that may have enough gin character to convince even those who have been hiding in a cave hoping for this pink gin thing to end.

Recommended among “Pink Gins” and Rhubarb Flavored Gins. 


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