I’ve been writing and maintaining this site since 2009. I’m passionate about gin— and I do everything I can to maintain the journalistic integrity of this site and its reviews.

Assume that any gin I review on The Gin is IN, is one that I got for free. It’s not always the case (yup, I still buy my own— especially when there’s something cool out there that I want to try and I can’t get from the company), but it’s just safer to assume. There is no promise of a good review for a bottle of gin. There isn’t even a promise of a review simply because I received a bottle of gin. I take my reviews very seriously and aim to be fair and honest.

Additionally, I don’t accept paid posts and never will. Nothing on this site is written by someone else in exchange for money. I consider this to be the lowest form of monetization. I don’t do it. And I never will.

I do use affiliate links. Primarily from Amazon and Master of Malt. If you see a product link, it’s probably an Affiliate link. I get a small amount of money from them, and they help keep this site in operation. Please forgive me for this.

Also, I do accept advertising. I’m pretty serious about only choosing advertisers which provide quality advertisements, and I don’t do business with ads that do crazy animation, auto-play video and other pernicious techniques which if successful— will ruin the advertising game for everyone.

Overall, the TL;DR is that I do try to make a little bit of money from this site. But I try to do so in a way that’s always ethical and always puts integrity first.

Thanks for reading, and as always—