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Wiggly Bridge Gin begins as the same sour mash base that Wiggly Bridge Distillery uses from their award winning whiskeys. All the spirits are distilled on the father and son distillery’s hand built 60 gallon copper still.

Tasting Notes

At first nose, there’s a lot of licorice and anise at first, but also Wiggly Bridge has a slight underlying note of hay and corn. The licorice nose with grain underneath is extremely similar to some genevers.

Sipped the spirit is a bit thin, it rinses over the palate rather quickly, but it has a pronounced and rather warm, long finish. Botanically, early there’s a hint of licorice. Then Wiggly Bridge Gin shows some piquant juniper, and a mellow bitter orange zest note. Towards the finish, there’s some muskiness, characteristic of angelica. Then a long, warm, slightly peppery and licorice-tinged finish.


Given some of its white whiskey character and powerful botanicals— Wiggly Bridge Gin may be a tough mixer. I suggest looking at cocktails that will play to its aromatic strengths. Try Hemingway’s Death in the Gulfstream or an Improved Gin Cocktail.

While you can mix a Gin and Tonic or Gin Fizz with Wiggly Bridge, the result isn’t quite what you might expect. It’s more of a Holland-style contemporary gin.

But what I really like about Wiggly Bridge Gin is the balance of the flavor and the way it works just on its own. Neat is perhaps the best way to appreciate the balance and flavor that father and son have created.


Wiggly Bridge Gin is not traditional— but it does exhibit some of the best qualities of gin: balance and remaining true to the style’s origins.

My only critique is that I wonder what this spirit might taste like bottled at 47%. Gins with bases like Wiggly’s tend to have a bit more texture. But overall, this is a small quibble— Wiggly Bridge Gin is a well made and nicely balanced gin that I would recommend to fans of the style.

Recommended in its category.

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  1. I find it has a musty taste. I agree that it has a thin taste at the beginning—an odd characteristic. I’ll try it again with something to offset that mustiness, but it may just be a gin that doesn’t appeal to me.