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In late 2017, Jeff Fairbrother and Jason Barrett were recognized by Britain’s Gin Guild. Up until this time, the Gin Guild largely only recognized British distillers and British contributions to the field of gin. Therefore, as they were among the first handful of Americans to be given credit for their contributions to gin, this was considered quite an honor by Gin Guild members. As part of their initiation, they were given a juniper branch. It is with those juniper berries that Jason and Jeff created Warden Gin, another of the limited edition releases put out by Rochester New York’s Black Button Distillery.

Unsurprisingly, although Black Button has dabbled in some very contemporary gins over the years, such as their Lilac Gin and Citrus Forward Gin, Warden Gin is quintessentially classic in construction and flavor.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Warden Gin has a ton of juniper. Bright and piney; however, there’s plenty of supporting gin botanicals around it. A clean lemon zest along with a hint of cinnamon. Warden Gin has a brightness to it, while remaining quite classic in approach.

The palate of Warden Gin has a hint of violet and orris root early. The juniper is quite piney and very strong mid-palate. It drowns out that orris root note. Sweet lemon zest and subtle, classic gin spice lends Warden a warming touch.

The finish is quite long with lingering green juniper notes, lemon zest and a hint of Orris root. Warden Gin is beautifully balanced and all of the other botanical flourishes only serve to amplify its bright juniper character.


Warden Gin made a piney gin and tonic with a hint of lemon to it. I think where it might be best though is in a Martini. It has a great body, texture, and flavor profile. This might be one of the best American distilled alternatives for fans of classic gin Martinis.

Overall, Warden Gin

The only bad thing I can think to say about this gin is that it may not be a staple of Black Button Distillery’s product line.

Warden Gin is a beautiful juniper-forward gin sure to please fans of classic gin. If you’re a fan of other juniper-forward American offerings like Chapter One Gin or Halcyon Gin— Warden Gin should be the next gin on your list to check out.

Highly Recommended.


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  1. Please review Hixson gin. It seems like a compound gin, perhaps even artificially flavored–cucumber is overwhelming.