Sloane’s Dry Gin

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Each botanicals in Sloane’s Dry Gin is macerated for 24 hours before being distilled separately. The individual distillates are then rested for a month before being blended.

Although distilled in the Netherlands at Toorank Distilleries— Sloane’s Dry Gin is names for Sir Hans Sloane. Hans was a botanist whose collection was an important part of the British Natural History Museum’s collection during the 18th century.

Tasting Notes

TL;DR: Juniper forms the heart of both the nose and palate of Sloane’s.

The nose has a touch of citrus oils with a lot of pine-forward juniper. Sloane’s Dry Gin on the nose is very clean and classic with a citrus feel.

On the palate, all of the other botanicals fall around the juniper. It’s the centerpiece of Sloane’s Dry Gin. Sweet orange rind early with only a slightest hint of cream from the vanilla.

The orange fades and woody, earthy spice takes over as the juniper’s supporting note. A hint of general spiciness fades into a touch of sweet, unctuous licorice. While the finish is rather short, it’s quite classic and with just a touch of warmth.


This is a solid mixing gin that bartenders can count on for a whole manner of gin cocktails. I think it makes a smooth enough, if middle-shelf sort of Martini. It’s accessible and juniper-forward enough to make a classic-style Gin and TonicGin and Soda, or Gin Fizz

While it doesn’t have a high ABV, Sloane’s Dry Gin holds its own with its strong juniper backbone in the Negroni or Last Word.

Overall, Sloane’s Dry Gin

This is a solid mid-priced option that is sure to appeal to fans of classic style gin. The vanilla and citrus adds a pleasant softness to Sloane’s Dry Gin which differentiates it from Gordon’s for example— but not so much that it pushes it towards Hendrick’s Gin or Martin Miller’s Gin. It’s squarely classic and worth a closer look.

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