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The Golden Moon Distillery— also known as Maison de la Vie has been distilling in Colorado since 2008. Founder Stephen Gould has always been a big fan of British distilled gin and an avid collector of distilling diaries and ephemera. Thus is the inspiration for much of his work, including the excellent Golden Moon Gin.

His work with the Boutique-y Gin Company continues on his journey— expedition even!— discovering British Gin. As the description for the product says, “The gin itself was created by Gould trying to put himself in the shoes of a British gin drinker, and has been tweaked to appeal to their tastes” [source]

Certainly this evokes a sense that Expeditionary Gin will expand on the juniper-forward classic gin that typifies the British image of gin. Hearing those words I immediately think of Broker’s Gin, Tanqueray Gin, and of course Gordon’s.

Tasting Notes

Expeditionary Gin Batch 1 begins with an intense nose. Powerful lemon top note rounded with hints of linen sheets and coriander. Mentholic floral notes belie an intriguing and aromatically rich lower layer.

The palate is painted with a vibrant brush as well. Juniper surprises at first, turning green and resiny. The mid-palate is a heady hit of licorice and anise, which evolves and becomes a bit more black licorice towards the late parts of the palate. The finish is strong with these anise and licorice notes, I’m getting an evocative picture of Swedish/Finnish salted black licorice candies.

The finish is long with a sustaining note of anise.

Expeditionary Note is certain to please fans of black jellybeans and traditional black licorice. It’s easily the anise forward gin I think I’ve tried.


The licorice and anise note can be challenging to mix with. While I don’t think the notes of Expeditionary Gin compliment a Gin and Tonic in quite the way most would expect, It’s a top notch Martini for fans of this flavor accord.

The best complement to Expeditionary Gin in my opinion is the herbal kiss of a good Negroni.


Expeditionary Gin is a gin for the anise lover in your life. While there’s certainly more going on in here— including nice and floral juniper notes— the licorice/anise on the finish is overpowering.

That being said, in terms of the flavor Gould gets from the botanicals and the way that the other gin notes provide depth and color— Expeditionary Gin is well balanced. For what it is.

Recommended for fans of anise/ilicorice. 



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