Broker’s Gin

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Broker’s Gin was launched in the 1990’s. Supposedly created based on an early 18th century recipe— botanically, probably not in terms of base spirit, the base spirit is clean and clearly column distilled— it’s known as one of the bigger juniper-forward classic-style gins on the market today.

And that hat.

Yeah, it’s all about the hat.

Tasting Notes

Broker’s Gin is very flavorful and very bright. Sweet bright citrus on the nose, and a bright dose of juniper as well. Possibly a hint of spice and florals around the edges, but it maintains a straightforward classic approach with a nice bit of juniper character.

The palette is hot and spicy juniper. A good deal of heat and warmth. 94 proof, enough to keep you toasty on a winter’s eve. Starts with a hint of juniper before the citrus aromas absolutely flourish.

Nicely balanced with a slight sweetness akin to violet coming out, but it’s only slight. The fruit note here is well tempered and squarely in the sweet citrus camp. Juniper comes back for a second burst, this time bringing with it a hefty dose of heat and power. Nice flavor, and the closing is well balanced. There’s an earthy counternote that keeps the juniper from being too overwhelming. It fades pleasantly until all that remains is a little bit of heat.


I started out with the Gin and Tonic and it quite much caught my fancy. Bright notes of juniper and a touch of citrus. Well balanced with the tonic water.

Martini is nice, but I find it good and not exceptional. I’m looking for that one thing to stand out here and quite unfortunately, complimented with Vermouth, it seems to take on an “everyday” sort of feeling. Where’s that balance?

I tried it in a Negroni, and found that those earthy notes were amplified: think cinnamon merengue, or carmelized oranges with a touch of fresh juniper.

Overall, Broker’s Gin

Broker’s Gin tastes on par with many gins which cost 10-15 dollars more. Although I think there’s better classic styled gins out there, at the price point, it stands out. And even if it did cost $10 more? I’d still say it was a good buy and worth seeking out.

And that hat.

That’s one classy hat.