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Short Path Winter Gin isn’t unusual— that is in the sense that a distillery creates a gin that invokes the feeling of ” a cold winter’s night in front of a crackling fireplace.”

However, what is unusual is how Short Path generates and market tests some of their products. Short Path has a Community Supported Alcohol program. Similar to the more common Community Supported Agriculture programs wherein a person buys a “share” of a farmer’s harvest before the growing season, a person can buy-in early before a product is developed and produced. Every spirit starts as a limited edition product and those that are popular graduate to being regularly available.

Short Path Winter Gin is an accidental product stumbled upon while they were developing their Short Path Gin. Distilled from a base spirit of grain, it features rosemary and juniper.

Tasting Notes

It begins with a coniferous nose. A hint of licorice root, along with Douglas fir branch and a hefty does of rosemary and juniper give it a boisterous first impression.

The palate of Short Path Winter Gin begins with a citrus-hint. Rosemary ebbs gracefully. Angelica adds some color to the juniper notes, especially towards the finish. A delightful background spice note rounds out the taste. Early, it’s a bit peppery with hints of celery seed before become a bit clearer as cardamom at the end. It reminds me a bit of Christmas spice cookies, even suggesting Jingle cookies or anise spice cake.

Moderate length finish with pleasant warmth and juniper/pine notes. Quite nice.


Short Path Winter Gin does have a delightful pine and spice forward quality— yes I would sip it neat on a winter’s eve. But Winter Gin works well for all seasons.

I liked the way it pairs with Fever Tree’s Elderflower Tonic. It’s bright, floral, and strikingly classic with a nice balance. I recommend the Gin and Tonic.

Furthermore, it’s a great complement to citrus. Try it in a Gimlet, Gin Fizz or Tom Collins. Though my favorite would have to be the Bees Knees. The honey adds an unctuousness to the rosemary and juniper notes. It’s rich, warm, and might even survive heating to be a Hot Toddy.

Overall, Short Path Winter Gin

Silly Putty? The Microwave? Maybe the Pacemaker? Short Path Winter Gin joins the list of successful happy accidents.

It’s far from a seasonal gimmick. In fact Short Path Winter Gin is a really well balanced gin that while keeping juniper and rosemary at the fore, manages depth and complexity with restraint.

Beautifully constructed, I really like what Short Path Distillery has done here. Bartenders will find it a compelling pour behind the bar, able to be substituted for other gins easily.  Classic gin fans will find it a breath of fresh air— whether a warm summer eve or a cool summer day.


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Special thanks to John at Foodie Pilgrim. Since 2012, John has shared and sourced gins from New England and nearby that we at The Gin is In haven’t tried yet. This gin sample was shared by John, who is also a big fan of gin. So check out his New England Gin Reviews as well.



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