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Colorado’s Idlewild Spirits Distillery has what they call a Wild Series. These are limited edition gins produced in runs of just over a hundred bottles.  Purple Daze Gin was one such of these— a deep purplish blue gin that was made in the first half of 2018.

We’re reviewing batch 4, bottle 17.

Tasting Notes

The color when poured is a purplish-blue that is becoming more and more common in gins these days. Look no further than the list of gins like this featuring Pea Blossom including Sharish Blue.

The nose is slightly of violet, rose and celery. Purple Daze Gin has a perfumed air about it.

Purple Daze to the palate has a bit more fruit character to it. A hint of juniper belies a predominantly floral and jammy mid-palate— lavender, tulip and boysenberry. The finish is mildly peppery with a touch of spice ushering a finish of hibiscus and citrus zest.


Purple Haze Gin makes a stunningly colored Gin and Tonic. Among my favorite cocktails though was the Gin and Bitter Lemon. There’s something about the floral/citrus notes that worked perfectly well with quinine and citrus. If you do a G&T go heavy on some fresh lemon or lime. It’s a delightful combination.

Aside from that— Purple Daze Gin was a bit of a challenging mixer. Some its best qualities were lost in a Negroni, while the tart citric note of a Gimlet didn’t work for me.

Personally, I prefer to sip this one neat.

Overall, Purple Daze Gin

A lovely color and a lovely gin. While Purple Daze Gin is unlikely to become any bartenders’ house pour anytime soon— it distinguishes itself as a delicious and conversation piece sipping gin.

Fans of classic styles may find Purple Daze Gin a touch too floral and too contemporary— those looking for something other than old standbys like Nolet or Brockman’s— purple Daze Gin will be a welcome discovery.


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