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Nolet Silver Gin opts for a series of non-traditional gin botanicals. In doing so, Nolet Silver Gin has earned a reputation as one of the most contemporary floral-forward gins on the market still. It’s so archetypal as an example of “floral gin” that I use it as an exemplar frequently in my talks. If you saw me speak at Gin World 2018 in St. Louis about the flavor of gin, I poured plenty of Nolet Silver.

The three unique botanicals are Peach, Turkish Rose and Raspberry. Each of the signature botanicals are independently macerated and distilled in copper pot stills. They are blended with the base gin and bottled at 47.6% ABV.

Tasting Notes

The first thing that gin drinkers notice whether by scent or by taste is that the juniper is muted, almost missing.

The floral scent of Nolet SIlver Gin is over the top. You smell rose when you open the bottle, along with intimations of Lavender and sweet herbal botanicals like melissa and apple mint.

If you’re a fan of floral botanicals— Nolet Silver Gin is your gin.


I find that years later Nolet still makes a gin as floral and unusual as it was when it first came onto the market— but it’s a relatively easy gin for mixing. Juniper is present, but that floral touch comes through in nearly everything.

It makes a delightful Gin and Tonic. but my favorite is a Martini served up with a twist. Though north of 47% ABV, Nolet Silver Gin is lighter and easier to drink than its strength might otherwise indicate.

Overall, Nolet Silver Gin

I enjoy Nolet Silver a lot. It’s smooth, its exotic, its different. Fans of classic style juniper-forward gins may not find this gin in their liquor cabinet anytime soon, but if you’re one of the large number— and seemingly growing— who search my archive for floral gins every month. Nolet Silver is probably the best of the bunch.

(It might even be better than their Nolet Reserve 700 Dollar Gin.)

Recommended in its category.