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Alibi Gin— pardon me, I meant— Mr. Finger’s Alibi Gin features a dapper gentleman aboard a penny-farthing sprinting away from a constable and a bride. “Whispers surround his travels,” they say though the scene on the bottle seems anything but whispers. I’d wager it’s sobbing, yelling, and maniacal laughter in equal parts.

The gin itself is distilled in a custom copper still in Boardwalk Distilling’s Williamsburg, Virginia distillery. Its base spirit is grain and it features eleven botanicals, two of which they share: Guatemala cardamom and organic spearmint.

Tasting Notes

Alibi Gin leads with a nose strong in cardamom. Beyond that, there’s hints of mint, coriander and cassia. It’s quite spice-forward at first glance and features a very contemporary bouquet.

To the taste, there’s a lot more going on in this gin. Sweet spices characterize the entire presentation; however, exactly which one you predominantly taste varies throughout the long, evolving palate.

Cinnamon comes on early, with a sweet Christmas candle sort of aroma. Pine cones, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Juniper pokes through especially towards the later palate, but it sinks into the background behind a melange of Pumpkin Pie spices: a hint of clove, cinnamon and cardamom. There’s a gentle mentholic glow to the finish of Alibi Gin.

And this is where it really stands out to me as a sipping gin. The finish is immense. The flavor recedes on the palate for a minute plus— and this is just sipped neat. Alibi Gin does have a modicum of heat and warmth here, but it does little to overwhelm the myriad spices as they fade.


For fans of spice-forward contemporary style gins, Alibi Gin is a great mixer. Though citrus complements it just as well, I think Alibi Gin works well in a Spanish style Gin Tonica dressed up with perhaps a cinnamon stick and clove.

I think it’s long evolving palate warrants a closer look in a Martini— even a dry one. I’d leave the olives and onions at home though as I don’t think vegetables complement the spice as well. A cinnamon and onion Gibson isn’t my cup of tea.

Though speaking of tea, Alibi Gin is a delightful warmer and makes for a great Hot Toddy.

Overall, Alibi Gin

This is a bold, loud, contemporary style spice-forward gin. The spices are the star, please make no mistake. In Alibi Gin’s marketing materials they make it clear that this is not “your grandmother’s gin.” Fans of classic style, juniper forward gins probably won’t find a lot to love here.

But for fans of contemporary gin, Alibi is a spiced gin that punches above it’s 45% ABV. It’s bold, flavorful and complex— packing more flavor than other gins at this proof point. Bartenders will find it a good, versatile cocktail gin as long as they keep in mind it’s spice-forward perspective.

Recommended in its category. 


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  1. For someone who is not a gin drinker, i actually like this gin….and i highly recommend it to everyone i serve at my bar….