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Spring 44 Distilling is located in the Loveland area of Colorado. One of their chief claims in their products— Spring 44 Mountain Gin included— is the use of pure Rocky Mountain spring water. Spring 44 has a line of products, including Spring 44 Gin and Spring 44 Old Tom Gin.

Their Mountain Gin is distilled from a base of grain and features some unusual botanicals including Makrut Lime Leaves creating an Asian cuisine inspired herbal touch.

Tasting Notes

Coriander at first nose, Spring 44 Mountain Gin has a potent heat on the nose. With a few second it opens up showing some herbal and spice note: Ginger and Lemon Verbena accompany a background note of forested, green juniper.

The palate has a surprising sweetness to it, especially early. Herbal greenery with lemon verbena, lime leaves, and a hint of vetiver. A cool mentholic background note blends with the intimation of galangal and ginger root. The finish has a pleasant dryness about it, with juniper predominating.

I like the way that Spring 44 Mountain Gin features that mentholic note on the mid-palate rather than on the finish as a long cool mint note. Secondly, I also really like the powerful herbal accords that this gin has. It suggests to me greenery of the sort you don’t often drink— comparisons to robust herbal accords of perfumes might be warranted. But I have to commend the balance and the botanical expression they have in here and the way it complements in surprising ways, some of the traditional gin notes like juniper and coriander.


I find that Mountain Gin’s citrus side comes out quite prominently in simple mixed drinks like the Gin and Soda, Gin Fizz or Gin and Tonic. Nice notes of fresh orange zest and lemon leaves start off leaving a pleasantly herbal and green tasting finish.

Fans of herb-forward contemporary style gins will really like Spring 44 Mountain Gin in a Martini. I suggest garnishing with an olive. Or even going for a Gibson.

But I also highly recommend this gin to fans of the Dirty Martini. The herbal complexity in here is beautifully complemented by olive brine. With the Vermouth it suggests to me rosemary and olive oil marinated olives with the dry finish of a good Martini. Definitely one of the best gins for this drink IMHO.


The herbal category has been slowly evolving since international brands like Gin Mare began paving the way. I’m excited by Spring 44 Mountain Gin as a U.S. distilled herbal counterpoint that hits those same high marks. Though one of the most herbal gins on the American market, don’t mistake it for a one note bomb. Spring 44 expertly balances the herbs, and I think the end result is a gin that can appeal to both classic and contemporary gin aficionados.



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