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Through a partnership between the makers of 58 Gin and Ian Buxton, esteemed Whisky expert who dabbles in gin— comes a celebration of the citron. The citron is the grandmother of all citrus fruits. Through genetic analysis scientists have determined that the fragrant, lumpy fruit with a thick rind is the fruit from which all other citrus fruits have descended from.

Tasting Notes

Delightfully citrus-forward on the nose, CitroLondon Dry Gin is all in the citron. Faint traces of spice and juniper occupy a secondary, supporting role.

The palate of CitroLondon Dry Gin is a citrus bomb. But a nicely orchestrated one. Tart bitter orange, lemon and lime zests, pine-forward juniper with a trace of coriander and more traditional classic style gin notes ground it squarely as a gin.

The finish is moderately long and somewhat mild. Bitter orange rind, licorice root, and traces of cracked juniper keep CitroLondon Dry Gin on the palate.  There’s a nice warmth here that I enjoy. Just neat, this is an enjoyable gin.


Mixing should be done to emphasize the citrus-forward character of CitroLondon Dry Gin. Fighting it is not worth the effort. And if you choose to resist, why not just grab some Gordon’s?

But anyway, I think that fans of citrus-forward contemporary style gins will dig the Martini. The Gin and Tonic comes through as citrus forward as ever.

Other cocktails that play up the citrus element of CitroLondon Dry Gin include the Tom Collins, Gin Fizz, or Gin Sour. All are recommended with this gin.


While many of the other gins in That Boutique-y Gin Company line challenge our expectations, feature unusual botanicals, or unusual expressions—  Buxton and 58 have opted for a more conservative Boutique-y approach.

CitroLondon Dry Gin is a successful contemporary style citrus forward gin. But on the downside, CitroLondon Dry Gin is just another citrus forward contemporary style gin.

Recommended for fans of the style.



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