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Unity Gin is the result of a collaboration between Jos. A. Magnus & Co. and Prav Saraff.

Prav is perhaps best known in the spirits community for his work with West Dupont Circle Wines in Washington D.C.. Unity Gin is only available there.

Jos. A. Magnus & Co.— albeit relatively new to the gin game— have gained many accolades in recent years. Their Navy Strength Gin recently won World’s Best Navy Strength Gin.

Perhaps most unusual botanically, Unity Gin features rose water among its ingredients.

Tasting Notes

It’s bottled at a relatively assertive 50% ABV. Unity Gin is a bit aggressive on the alcohol and that pays off in a bright, flavorful gin that is excellent for mixing.

The nose is immediately gin-like. Unity Gin begins with resiny, waxy juniper and white grapefruit flesh.

There’s also a strong angelica character to the juniper here on the nose. It almost has that distinctive note of Pentadecanolide.

While classic gin fans might be deeply intrigued at first nose, Unity Gin delivers with a robust classic-leaning palate that becomes more contemporary as it evolves. While a hint of musky floral rose notes hover in the edges, herbaceous, warm juniper dominates the mid-palate.

The warmth of the base spirit adds some lasting power to some of the botanical notes, though the finish is a bit shorter than I would have hoped for.


Given the power of the base spirit, Unity maintains flexibility behind the bar. While it makes a delightful, slightly herbal Gin and Tonic, I think that it has the most potential for combining with citrusy ingredients which amplify the grapefruit notes already present here.

Overall, Unity Gin

Unity Gin combines some unusual botanicals to a nice effect. Though I may consider the overall profile generally classic in terms of the juniper effect, there’s enough power in the other ingredients to create a more contemporary accord.

It’s a great mixing gin. And it has enough juniper to appease fans of classic style gins.

Unity’s limited availability will likely limit its reach, but for those in the Washington D.C. area, it’s worth checking out.


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  1. Hey Aaron. What a load of crap. You can only get this one place in the whole world and you publish a review of it!? Why bother? I’ve got a better chance of scoring a bottle of Romanee Conti than this gin!