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Golden, Colorado Based Local Distilling makes “high quality products” that are “competitively priced.” Their flagship gin is Jory’s Gin, and it’s a straightforward reflection of “what [Local Distilling] believes gin should taste like.

Built on a base of grain, Jory’s Gin adds juniper, star anise and lemon.

Tasting Notes

TL;DR: Jory’s Gin is a quietly juniper forward on nose and palate, but with a short finish

The nose of Jory’s Gin is quintessentially classic. It’s not loud, but the juniper is big and right in the center. Somewhat green and waxy, the juniper is rounded out with a hint of lemon, with celery and angelica background notes.

The palate begins with that same herbaceous juniper. Mid-palate, sour lemon rind with a hint of creamy/sweetness behind it. It becomes a bit more quiet towards the finish with wet juniper, a touch of pine and only a modicum of warmth. There’s only a slight hint of spice here, but nothing that reads clearly as star anise.

The mouthfeel is thin overall, but the classic gin flavor is strong with this one.


Jory’s Gin is a pretty standard middle-shelf gin. It has a solid juniper forward flavor that works well in a Gin and Tonic or Gin and Juice. But it lacks the texture and complexity you might expect from a Martini.

That being said, this is a pretty good quality mixing gin at its price point, suitable for entertaining or an everyday sort of gin.

Overall, Jory’s Gin

You won’t be disappointed at the price point. Jory’s Gin is a very worthwhile entry into the middle-of-the-road affordable mixing gin space. It reminds me of a Colorado distilled take on what Faber Gin is doing.

Flavorwise, it’s a bit reticent. That might limit its utility in very gin-forward cocktails; however, all things considered if I’m looking to spend under $20 dollars on a classic-style gin that can do pretty much it all— Jory’s Gin is near the top of that list.

Recommended at its price point



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2 thoughts on “Jory’s Gin”

  1. I’m no fan of this gin was hoping to buy a good American gin no dice on this one
    I’ll us it for cooking to get rid of it.

  2. This is not a brilliant gin, but at the price it is better than you deserve. It is a little too sweet for my taste, but that may not be a turn off for all. I think it works best in a gin rickey. If I lived in Colorado, I would buy this periodically to support local gin and add variety to my selection of daily drinker gins. It wouldn’t replace Gordon’s as my go to “well” gin, nor would it replace any of my Martini gins.