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Washtub Gin is Ste. Genevieve Missouri-based Crown Valley Distilling Co.’s flagship gin. It is said to be “crafted in the early 20th century tradition.” Its base spirit is distilled from grapes and features ten botanicals.

Based on their connection to the American produced Finnish Long Drink— there may be some similarities in Washtub Gin and the Long Drink’s base gin.

Tasting Notes

TL;DR: Pine and fruit nose lead into a palate split evenly between sweet citrus and warm spices. 

Pine, lemon peel and tropical fruit in the top notes. Washtub Gin has a bit of rose spice lying a bit lower on the nose. Bright and quite inviting.

To the taste, Washtub Gin has a bold flavor. Early, a hint of juniper and a bright bit of pink peppercorn. Then mid-palate sweet citrus fruits— mandarins, key limes and orange blossom honey. The finish becomes a bit spicier with a bit more pink peppercorn and warm, almost hot, cassia and cinnamon.

The grape base is merely a footnote. It’s nearly perfectly neutral, adding little other than a pleasant texture, mouthfeel, and warm finish.


Even with some of its vivid contemporary notes, Washtub Gin works quite well behind the bar. The floral spice notes add a nice lift to the French 75; while fans of spiced citrus will enjoy what it brings to a Martini.

Furthermore, it’s a solid option for mixed drinks. With enough fortitude to stand up in a Gin and Juice, the flavors are well complemented by standard mixers like tonic water and sodas.

Overall, Washtub Gin

Washtub Gin is a solid contemporary style gin. Juniper is present, but its the spice and citrus notes which take on a starring role.

Although the cinnamon on the finish is a bit hot, the rest of the palate has a nice balance with the flavor unfolding in exciting ways on the palate. If you’re a fan of contemporary style gins, Washtub Gin is worth seeking out.


Missouri Gin Exchange

This gin sample was shared with me by Natasha Bahrami of Natasha’s Gin Room in St. Louis.


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