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Nothing excites me more than unexpected collabs— New York Distilling Co. ✕ That Boutique-y Gin Company have combined to put one of my favorite American distilled Navy Strength Gins into a barrel. The barrel in this case is a new char American oak. New York Distilling Co. rests their Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin in it for three to six months.  Aged Perry’s Tot Gin is goldenrod in color and looks rather light in color, especially when compared to some of the increasingly dark and umber hued aged gins that have been coming on the market.

Tasting Notes

Aged Perry’s Tot Gin has oak, bright grapefruit and toasted coconut notes on the nose. The barrel adds a lovely dry, oakiness to Perry’s Tot Gin that’s rather true to the botanicals of the gin. The barrel adds wood notes, but no vanilla, caramel or toffee notes. It’s truly about wood and botanical here.

The time in the barrel seems to have taken a bit of the edge off the still intense base spirit. It’s a bit smoother than their standard offering with a thicker mouthfeel.

Bright white grapefruit is quite dominant on the palate, at least through the first half of the taste. Cinnamon pokes through early as well, with a slight red hot note. Piney notes peak in mid-to-late palate. The juniper is primarily pine, but it’s big and round. Towards the finish, some of Aged Perry’s Tot Gin spice notes begin to come through. Sweeter Honey kissed Ceylon Cinnamon and cardamom segue into a long finish heavy on bitter orange and juniper. A slight tannic oak note adds texture and color, especially on the finish.

Overall, Aged Perry’s Tot Gin

When you start with good— you’re likely to end with good. And starting with New York Distilling Co.’s excellent Perry’s Tot Gin was a good place to begin.

I think the barrels have made the citrus and cinnamon notes a bit bigger than in the original. However, the barrel adds a nice color without distracting too much from the gin’s botanical profiles. It’s a dry barrel heavy on the oak— and light on the Vanillin. And it works really well here. This gin is for you if you’re looking for a barrel aged gin that remains focused on the botanicals that nearly remains dry enough for standard gin cocktails.

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