Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin

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On the Northern Shore of Lake Ontario sits Canada’s Prince Edward County. Owing to its proximity to major cities like Toronto and Montreal, the once quiet farming county has emerged as a culinary destination because of the wide array of cideries and wineries in the region. This county is where the Kinsip House Of Fine Spirits— makers of Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin— calls home.

Their barrel aged gin features lavender and hops among its flagship botanicals. Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin is completely produced grain-to-glass at the Kinsip House Distillery. The gin is rested in former whisky barrels before being bottled at 40% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin has a floral nose with hints of earthy, malty grain. Anise and lavender give an herbal lift to an earthy, and malty beer-like base. The nose reminds me of genever, in particular it calls to mind Diep 9 Old Genever.

The palate is smooth and quietly buttery. It begins early with vanilla and butter cream. The botanicals come on mid-palate. Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin is quiet with the juniper, although it builds towards the finish.

There’s hints of nut cake and almond butter mid-palate. Gentle warmth builds on the back of the palate, with malted grain and earthy backing spice.

Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin has a smooth and light texture, especially for an aged gin. It’s an easy sipper— even neat— with a fair amount of balance between the base spirit, barrel notes and botanicals.


As for mixing, Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin is perhaps best suited neat. Chilled, I lost some of the floral and beer-like notes on the nose that help give it’s quiet entry-to-the-palate some character

Furthermore, it makes a nice Aged Gin Old Fashioned. I thought the earthy sweetness of Angostura worked best here, but cherry bitters and even citrus bitters all complemented Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin nicely.  But as you know, I’m a fan of gin and bitters in general.

Overall, Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin

For fans of vanilla, honey, and butter kissed aged gins— Juniper’s Wit Barrel Aged Gin is right up your alley.



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