Boodles Gin

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Note: This review is for the U.S. 45.2% ABV version. 

Boodles Gin was our second most requested gin review ever.

Boodles has something of a cult following. The gin is named for the British men’s club rumored to have been a haunt of men like Ian Fleming and Winston Churchhill.

The brand Boodles has been owned and distilled by many companies over the years— ranging from Seagram’s to G & J Greenall’s currently. In its current incarnation, Boodles Gin is distilled from a base spirit of British wheat. The botanicals are imparted through a Carter Head still.

Finally, the brand reminds you that the conspicuous absence of citrus is intentional as “[the] original distillers who expected a proper drink to include a slice of lemon or lime.” [Source]

Tasting Notes

Nose: Robust piney and resinous juniper with a healthy dose of angelica. Very classic. 

Boodles Gin reads like a classic gin on the nose. Very clean and quite straightforward. There’s a lot of juniper, but also a lot of angelica. A hint of spice and earthiness hovers in the background, albeit subtly.

Palate: Bright and juniper forward at first with a hint of caraway, there’s lemon rind mid-palate and a sweetly spice led finish. 

The first thing on the palate is a clean and classic London Dry juniper led flavor. What I find most surprising is given the brand’s emphasis on the lack of citrus in here is the mid-palate note. It reads to me as spice with a bit of lemon rind.

Certainly a deeper look and you can pick out some of the prickly spice of the coriander, a hint of cinnamon bark.

Caraway seems to hover quietly over the entire palate of Boodles Gin. It picks up a bit towards the end, adding a subtle caraway and deli rye bread note here. Resinous pine lingers as well. Boodles’ finish is moderately long and quite warming.


Boodles Gin is a quintessential classic style gin. Bartenders should feel comfortable making any cocktail with it and getting a predictable outcome.

My personal favorites are the clean juniper forward Gin and Tonic. If you’re like me and sometimes want a heavy dose of juniper, you can omit the citrus altogether from your G&T. It’s delicious, piney and only gently spicy. Recommended.

I also really enjoy how the U.S. 45.2% ABV works in a Martini and has enough force to be present in a Negroni. But Boodles has made some of my favorite Last Words and Corpse Revivers.

In short Boodles Gin is incredibly versatile as a mixing spirit.


Boodles Gin certainly falls into a category with many of the other elder statesman of the gin world. It reminds me most acutely of Gordon’s, but fans of Tanqueray and Beefeater will probably enjoy Boodles Gin as well.

Fans of classic gin are well advised to give it a try. While it doesn’t pull any surprises, it’s a very well executed classic gin with a balanced palate and nice flavor.