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Stoutridge Winery and Distillery were once just Stoutridge Winery. Situated in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes Region, they build upon an intriguing foundation.

Stoutridge Estate used to be home to 18th century grapevine stock which as likely ripped out during prohibition. They re-planted the vines in 2001 and opened doors with their first wines in 2006.

Stoutridge Winery became Stoutridge Winery and Distillery in 2017 when the distillery opened up. Amazingly, the site was also home to a bootleg distillery that operated continuously through the 1950’s.

With a lot of history at their back Stoutridge Winery and Distillery launched Gin0, better known as Stoutridge Dry Gin using their grain-based Six2 vodka as a starting point.

Tasting Notes

Stoutridge Dry Gin has a malty grain-forward nose with hints of anise on the edges. 

At first blush, it might be best to call a Gingenever or a Holland-style gin. The nose reminds me of a heady grain-forward genever, with some intense— but ultimately secondary— botanicals on the nose. Aniseed combines with coriander to suggest a spiced bread or intensely aromatic pho broth. While nice on many levels, Stoutridge Dry Gin is anything but traditional.

Grain at first, juniper is present mid-palate— but radiant base spirit heat and anise notes largely dominate the palate. 

Ginhas a nice mouthfeel. Moderately viscous, it adds an impressive longevity and stickiness to some of the botanicals here. A slight sweetness and hint of citrus on the tip of the tongue; it quickly departs and Stoutridge Dry Gin brings a heady grain note. Rich, with a hint of hay, corn, and barley, juniper is present but subtle.

Aniseed with a touch of grassy fennel seed hovers on the finish. Stoutridge Dry Gin then finishes with a nutty roar of heat— hints of almond, licorice root, calamus root, and anise hover for a moderately long time.


I recommend treating Ginas if a genever. The grain notes and intense spice is so strong that it doesn’t work as most other dry gins in a drinks like the AviationCorpse Reviver #2, or Martini.

I recommend trying a Death in the Gulfstream or Improved Holland Gin Cocktail— or most simply just an Old Fashioned. Ginis more a throwback to a different time or a different style.


Stoutridge Dry Gin has a lovely grain and spice flavor that is sure to appeal more to fans of genever than other dry gins. As long as you know what you’re getting, Gin0is a well made and quite delicious product. But Stoutridge Winery and Distillery’s gin in this case is not a plug and play swap for Gordon’s or any other mainstream dry, classic gin. Fans of white dog, residual vodkas and the aroma of distilleries will find a lot to like about Stoutridge Dry Gin.

Recommended in its category. 



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