10 Flowers to know that are found in gin

#10 Lotus Flower

Keys gins with lotus flower include Hendrick’s Orbium Gin.

#9 Linden or Lime Flowers

Key gins with linden include Apiary Gin and Highclere Castle Gin

#8 Lilac

Key gins with lilac as a signature botanical: Black Button Lilac Gin.

Bitter Orange

#7 Orange Blossoms

Key gins with orange blossom include Tanqueray no. 10 and Neroli Gin

#6 Butterfly Pea Flower

Key gins with butterfly pea flower include nearly every blue gin you’ve ever seen— and gins like Gin Magic and Empress 1908.

#5 Honeysuckle

Key gins with honeysuckle include Forager Gin and Damrak Gin.


#4 Meadowsweet

Key gins with Meadosweet include Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin and Hernö Gin


#3 Rose

Key gins with “rose” among their botanicals: Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin, Eden Mill Love Gin, and Hendrick’s (as a post distillation addition).


#2 Hibiscus

Key Gins with Hibiscus among their botanicals: Boulder Pink Gin, Finn’s Gin, and Dorothy Parker Gin. As a signature botanical, in Pinckney Bend’s Handcrafted American Hibiscus Gin.


#1 Elderflower

Key gins featuring elderflower as a signature botanical: Gordon’s spot of Elderflower, Knockeen Hills Elderflower Gin, Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin.

But also found in many gins as a part of their botanical blend: Monkey 47, Sir Robin of Locksley, Tommyrotter American Gin— and many more.

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