Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

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Named for local legend, “Robin Hood,” Sir Robin of Locksley Gin comes from Yorkshire. The vision was to create a sipping gin that combined some of the best of both worlds, Old Tom and the modern classic style.

Tasting Notes

Clean pine-forward juniper on the nose. Sweet lemon and grapefruit rinds, with Elderflower and Coriander as well. The nose is a slightly floral take on the classic aroma. Quite nice.

The palate overall of Sir Robin of Locksley Gin a bit hot, with a fair amount of heat coming through from the alcohol. A dash of crisp juniper at first, before the citrus elements strongly take the center stage, with grapefruit and lemon coming through again. Elderflower and a dash of black tea in the background. The floral touch seems to segue into something only slightly sweet and fruity before abruptly breaking off when a burst of warmth comes forward. The warmth occludes a tart, lemony astringency in the background. Though the spirit is relatively thin, the finish is about medium in length, with general warmth characterizing it.


Sir Robin of Locksley Gin does some nice things, but overall, I think it falls a bit short of the mark as a sipping gin.

Though there’s ample complexity in the botanical blend, the spirit itself seems lacking in the richness to execute that vision fully. Fans of classic style gin will be able to pick out the juniper,  for sure, while fans of contemporary will find a nice balance of juniper and other botanicals. Good, but not great.

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