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Gunpowder Tea is so called because each tea leaf has been rolled into a small ball, reminiscent of gunpowder. It’s usually made with green tea leaves and it’s that special ingredient that gives Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin its name.

But beyond that, Gunpowder Gin is a complex array of botanicals from a number of traditions. Three kinds of citrus fruit: grapefruit, lemon and makrut lime join the tea and are vapor distilled. The remaining ingredients, including Macedonian juniper, are macerated and distilled in a pot still.

There’s the legendary American Jackelope on the bottle; Chinese tea as a signature botanical, but Gunpowder Gin is made in Drumshanbo, Ireland.

Tasting Notes

The nose is light and citrus-forward. The more delicate handling of the citrus ingredients is quite evident here. Fresh lemon zest highlights a subtle herbaceous, sagey juniper with the slightest hint of green tea and meadowsweet.

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin explodes with flavor on the palate. Citrus once again dominates. This time its grapefruit. Juniper and green tea are present mid-palate: the juniper herbaceous and bright, the green tea calling to mind Jasmine green tea, as you might get before sushi at a Japanese restaurant.

Towards the end though, it turns sweet and spicy/herbal. Anise and cardamom are subtly and expertly played in here. Meadowsweet, especially late and towards the finish lends its a honeyed, vanilla-like nuance.

The combination of botanicals though somewhat eccentric is well balanced. The green tea is at the fore. Gunpowder Gin does justice to its namesake. However, where this really stands out for me is how it balances the botanicals. Enough juniper for classic gin fans, but also heavy on the citrus and herbs, without overpowering each other.

The finish is mildly warming with a pleasant heat.


The Gunpowder Tea notes lend itself really nicely to mixing in citrus-forward drinks. Try Gunpowder Gin in a Tom Collins or Gimlet. If you’re literal, Gunpowder Gin is delightful in a hot toddy. Add some honey and lemon and it almost tastes as if you’re having a hot tea to sooth your throat.

Gunpowder Gin excels as a mixing gin despite it’s seemingly ostentatious botanical blend. It’s smooth enough for a Martini, while flavorful enough to stand out in a Gin and Juice.

Bartenders will find Gunpowder Gin an easy cocktail gin behind the bar. It works in nearly all applications, though the green tea note will be evident.

Overall, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin

Fans of citrus-forward gins like New Amsterdam are apt to find Gunpowder Gin a pleasant, if not one-note alternative. It has the herbal complexity of bathtub style gins like New Deal Gin No. 1, but also the balance of old school favorites like Gordon’s and Plymouth.

If that seems like high praise— it indeed is. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin is a delightful, well-balanced, but botanically loud contemporary style gin— that doesn’t forget its roots and the juniper.

Overall, highly recommended. 



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30 thoughts on “Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin”

  1. Wow, tried it today. Fabulous flavor profile! A step up from our usual Gordons!! Another Irish Five Star!!

  2. Absolutely love this gin since trying last week.. beautiful notes of fresh citrus makes it my new favorite mixing spirit.. although I must admit, it does just fine by itself!!.. or with some Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

  3. Was in Ireland this year and enjoyed the craft gins. Tried this gin and was blown away by the great and refreshing flavor of this gin. Favorite so far and trying to find where to buy it in Georgia!

  4. Picked up a few bottles of this gin in Ireland a couple of years ago because it looked so interesting and the bottle itself is so handsome. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to find it locally in Georgia, at a better price than in Dublin, and in a 750 ml bottle instead of the the Euro 70cl. Beyond expectations!

  5. You can buy it at Total Wine … in Georgia and many other states. Enjoy!! You should try another Irish gin: DINGLE. Beautiful town, and likewise a wonderful Gin experience.

  6. Tasted Drumshanbo at a wedding in Malaysia. It was a and hot and humid evening and the light yet flavourful gin with tonic and kalamatazi lime was the perfect drink .
    On my return to Australia I was able to purchase 3 bottles as Christmas gifts to help spread the news about this great gin.

  7. Have relied upon Bombay Sapphire and Tanq for our G&Ts for decades. Decided it was time to widen our experience with this Drumshando Irish gin. Yikes -a mistake to have bought such a large bottle. It may be the golden child of contemporary gins but the first note that sprung out offensively at me, was the floor cleaner PineSol. I don’t care what the ensuing notes bring; just take it away. Iccch.

  8. After 4 martinis (not all at once), all I can report is that it has a nice citrus hit, it’s smooth and it has little to no tail. I taste none of the unique aromatics like cardamon and green tea. It’s a nice, but unexceptional gin for martinis. Love the bottle.

  9. filtered water and filtered ice, an ounce of Drum’ from the fridge. Oooh ! Flavour – town come to mama

  10. I’ve found myself liking this more and more lately.

    I find that ginger plays really well with tea and herbal flavors, so mixing this with a good ginger beer for a quick highball is great.

  11. This is the absolute best gin I’ve ever had. Floral on the nose, lite lemon and green tea on the tongue for a moment and so smooth with a hint of spice on the finish. I drink a large shot over ice straight up so I can appreciate the botanicals. Thank you!

  12. Love this gin, been a life long drinker of Tangueray and Saphire but this gin has a taste all its own. 5 stars. Thanks

  13. Normally drink roku gin,first time Ives tried this and it is a wicked aromatic,smooth gin,the subtle citrus notes are just right and the green tea gives it a certain uniqueness.Most impressed and will certainly be an advocate of this beverage 👌

  14. Incredible flavor! I’m retiring my Tanqueray Rangpur Lime (well, temporarily for now, ha). I would definitely recommend trying this. This stands out on its own. Though, combined with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and tonic water on ice, purrrrr.

  15. This is my go-to gin of choice. I’m not a fan of super citrusy gins, and prefer juniper and herbal flavors to stand out more than citrus, so this is really nice stuff. It’s more interesting than your bog standard classic london dry, but it still feels like a ‘real gin’ unlike some other ‘gins’ I’ve tried that were one step away from feeling like flavored vodka.

  16. I love this gin in a Negroni. I would never use it for a Martini, because I love the classic very dry Bombay or Tanqueray Martini — pour a little vermouth in the glass, swirl it around, and pour it out before adding the gin.

  17. I’ve never bought a bottle of gin or had gin straight. Today I decided to try this one neat before adding a splash of pink grapefruit juice. It’s so good!!!

    The flavors are delicate and amazing together. I wish I had tonic or a white tea to mix with it instead of heavy grapefruit juice. Guess that means I’ll be buying a larger bottle next time! (Have a mere mini now.)

  18. Just tasted last night, in a Vespa. Very different from Hendricks or Plymouth, now I’m a fan.

  19. Picked up a bottle of Gunpowder on a whim at the duty free shop on the way out of Ireland, and wow! I’ve been using it mostly in Brambles, and Aviations with a touch of cherry juice added, and its now my favorite gin base for cocktails.

  20. My new favorite gin. Smoother than Monkey 47. I’d recommend, only with high quality mixers, on the rocks, or neat. Savory notes of mellow tea and approachable juniper on the palate. Citrus on the nose. … clean finish.