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The discussion around New Amsterdam Gin on the internet seems to be alike “gin snobs don’t like it because of its citrus-forward approach. I’d like to dispel that notion first and foremost. The citrus-forward perspective is NOT a reason unto itself. Here at The Gin is IN we’ve prided ourselves in reviewing contemporary style gins as spirits worthy of discussion on their own merits. We don’t penalize spirits for having a different take on gin. Lacking in juniper alone is not grounds for a bad review.

Launched in 2007 New Amsterdam Gin was right at the fore of the Contemporary Gin explosion stateside. Combined with an aggressive marketing presence throughout the last decade. New Amsterdam or “New-Am” has won over quite a following. Priced at an affordable point and curated with a citrus-forward perspective, it (especially at the time) was unlike anything else available. Accessible and smooth, it has won people over and endures despite never being quite afforded the same esteem (by gin and cocktail experts at least) that enduring favorites like Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater, Tanqueray, or Gordon’s have. Why is that?

Tasting Notes

The nose of New Amsterdam Gin is immediately recognizable as citrus-forward. Light lemon, candied orange, herbaceous juniper hovers at the fringes, with even a slight note of angelica in the lower notes. It’s aroma is citrus-forward but not to the exclusion of other touches.

The palate is a citrus bomb however. Perky citrus, a smidge of lemon oil, candied orange rinds, orange slice candy, and an interesting lime/orange shift right in the mids. There’s a hint of ethanol during this mid-palate lull, which segues into a burst of citrus candy, lime/orange/lemon skittles primarily. The finish is short to moderate in length, with mostly citrus. The citrus dominates the palate, almost completely to the exclusion of any other notes.


The Gin and Tonic, which seems to be the most popular New Amsterdam Gin cocktail doesn’t hide the reasons why: clear and bright, it tastes like an orange led gin and tonic with a touch of lime towards the finish just out of the bottle. Perhaps a bit cloying, or to its critics, more like an orange flavored vodka, but it’s not hard to see how this could win people over.

I tried it in a Bees’ Knees. Although I liked the way the real citrus rounded out the gin’s flavor profile, warming up the citrus touch with some acidic and tart touches which lifted it, I found it overall to be lacking. I was looking for something more. The gin seemed to be a sleeping giant, relegated to the background. Anyway, honeyed citrus salad, fresh lemon, and a clean, crisp finish. Drinkable, but the gin isn’t doing much for it.

Next, I tried a Negroni. The short answer is dial it up to a 2 parts to 1 part Sweet and 1 part Campari minimum if you want to taste any of the gin. It was completely obscured, and didn’t add anything to the cocktail.

Parting Thoughts on New Amsterdam Gin

Concluding, New Amsterdam Gin isn’t a below-average gin because of its citrus flavor. It’s a below average gin because the citrus notes in it don’t taste real or authentic. They taste like artificial citrus essences being added after distillation. Or alternatively, perhaps they are real, but New Amsterdam adds too much sugar post-distillation.

The gins that New Amsterdam Gin most closely reminds me of are Asian gins such as Myanmar Dry Gin. Moreso than citrus-forward distilled gins such as Larios 12, Bluecoat, Pinckney Bend, Black Button’s Citrus Forward Gin, Chase’s Orange Flavored Gin, Seersucker Gin, etc. If you like citrus-forward gin, there’s a lot of gins which bring that flavor to the party, but do so through distillation alone and don’t add flavors/sweetening post-distillation.

I think my objection to New Amsterdam Gin is that the citrus tastes artificial and fake. Citrus and gin go hand in hand. But fake citrus is not a flavor I particularly like in my cocktails or drinks.

So certainly, if you love this gin, by all means continue to enjoy it. But I’d like to encourage you to try any of these gins mentioned above or any future gins we may suggest which are citrus forward.

Thanks for reading and keep enjoying gin, whether you agree with me or not.


Juniper is an afterthought, but that’s not really this gin’s primary issue. Fake citrus flavors abound. It’s accessible, but the fake citrus is what helps it read more as a citrus-flavored-vodka than a citrus-flavored-gin. It’s a inexpensive gin that will have fans of classic style gins crying “uncle.” Fans of contemporary gins may find something to like here, but seasoned gin drinkers will likely have already found a gin of this style that does it with a little more grace and without the cloying sweet notes.


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  1. The gin is a refreshing change for summer however, the review is repetitive (citrus forward) and pretentious. It’s the worst kind of snob who ends sentences in prepositions and allows errors and omissions to stand uncorrected.

  2. “The worst kind of snob who ends sentences in prepositions” has gotta be a contender for sweetest and most concise self-defeating irony in an internet comment.

  3. I think Aaron’s being generous—I’d rate it zero stars if I could. New Amsterdam tastes like someone dissolved orange-flavored children’s aspirin in vodka. It’s absolutely horrendous. If you like gin and are on a budget, buy Gordon’s. If you don’t, buy vodka and mix it with REAL citrus.

  4. Its nothing special, but if I’m on a budget its kind of a go to. If I’m on a budget its just going into a gin and tonic where it will add some character and play well. Not really a favorite, but I like it better than the likes of normal Tanqueray

  5. I normal don’t have any issue with this brand. But I just bought a large bottle and I swear I bought $20 worth of flavored water. I’m not an alcoholic but I’ve had 3 strong gin and tonics and I haven’t felt anything. I think I can get more buzzed from a Coors light right now.

  6. best ever. refreshing on the rocks. wouldn’t recommend it with tonic. can’t get it in British Columbia can anymore 🙁

  7. A great camping gin, mostly because of the nice thick bottle that won’t break bouncing around in the tent trailer. I wouldn’t use it at home unless I was inexplicably out of other options but sitting under a pinon pine 10 miles past the end of pavement the citrus notes make a decent G&T

  8. Very good mixing gin where you expect to taste the gin and not submerge it in the mixer, like a gimlet or a strong gin and tonic. The price is right for this purpose (who wants to waste a Beefeater’s in a gin and tonic, but is a giant step above cheap gin that some use for that kind of drink. It has a respectable niche.

  9. I am allergic to natural and artificial flavors, and since I react to this gin, I can definitely confirm that the flavors are not from pure botanicals. I didn’t mind the taste though.

  10. Allergic to natural and artificial flavors and I react to it sooo…?? Good God… The alcohol will kill ANYTHING you are allergic to.. it’s psychosomatic my friend. This gin is absolutely unbeatable for the price AND it tastes great.

  11. I agree 100% with this review. I seen this New Amsterdam Gin next to my Bombay Sapphire (my regular gin of choice) and my local liquor stop. At 19.99$ decided to give it a try. EVERYTHING in this review is spot on (fake citrus included).

    Glad I decided to give this gin a try, but wont be going back to grab another bottle. Overall not too bad for the price.

  12. I must have mutant taste buds because I taste smooth vanilla in this gin, not citrus at all. I prefer a more pronounced juniper flavor in my gin, of which I detect none in New Amsterdam, but this is a refreshing drink mixed with grapefruit LaCroix and a twist of lime.

  13. Tried it once and never again. It lacks any body and had vanilla notes. Definitely, not something gin should have. Its price continually drops at BevMor.

  14. bought a bottle and poured a chilled bit over a few olives. Sat back, took a sip and spit ip out. Way too much orange for a gin, really just a flavored vodka.

  15. I have to agree with Auntie and daniel. I hated this so-called gin. Recommended at my favorite liquor store as one of the most “drinkable” low-cost gins. It does not taste like gin to me: I could find no juniper, which is an appealing, compelling, necessary aspect of what I expect and cherish in my gin.

  16. I drink a coule of gin and tonic most nights of the week. Sure it has a citrus taste but that’s why we normaly add the lime! I actually love this gin. It’s simple and a little tangy also at a very reasonable price. At my stage in life I can afford to drink any gin I want to but I am also a scots man! And this works for me.

  17. I tried this “gin” a few years ago, too. I failed to detect any juniper at all. If someone had served it to me on the rocks, or mixed with a little bit of club soda, I would have assumed that it orange vodka. Tasty orange vodka. Lousy gin. 🙂

  18. In addition to too much work, 2013 has been a great year in that I have been conducting a lot of “research” about which gins please me. I must say that New Amsterdam was one of my least favorite. In fact, as others have said, it tastes like flavored vodka. What was even worse, at least for me, was that the orange flavor tasted very artificial, almost like cheap hard orange candy. So if I were ordering a lower priced gin, I would look elsewhere.

  19. No juniper at all. It hardly even tastes distilled with actual plant material. Rather it tastes like a vodka that has been artificially flavored with orange essence. And at that, the orange essence tastes synthetic.Thats the nose. The neutral spirit is clean and does not have any off residual flavors of the GMO corn it was probably produced with.

  20. This was the gin that convinced me that I preferred “traditional” London style dry gin. Awful. Luckily I bought a mini-bottle to sample. Had I paid for the 750ml bottle, even at it’s bargain price, I would’ve been mad at myself. If price is a concern, I’d go with the Gordon’s every time.

  21. Ben I completely understand. I’d hope you wouldn’t write off non-traditional gin on the basis of just this one. It’s not really a good example of the style, and definitely doesn’t do justice to the distillers who try to create new flavors while keeping juniper in the background. This is a gin for folks who don’t like gin, plain and simple.


  22. Spike, thanks for the comment. I think you’re right. It is probably closer to vodka than it is to gin. Among lower priced gins, it’s probably the only one that embraces a note other than juniper-forward, but I don’t think that really justifies it fully. It could be better, and many gins have done well going full-force with the orange note. But not quite here.

  23. Well, let me be the one person who actually likes this gin. It makes a very good martini — though better with a lemon twist than an olive, to complement its citrusy flavor. In my opinion, it’s unbeatable for its price point. And I agree with the review, that it’s more accessible than other cheap gins, which basically just taste like juniper and alcohol and nothing else.

  24. THAT’S THE POINT! THERE IS BARELY ANY JUNIPER! If we start defining gin by it’s juniper content, then we have become shallow “gin elitists.” Take it for what it is and get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, don’t drink it. But don’t point out the obvious and call it a flaw.

  25. I’ve always liked gin, and tangueray was my go to. I’m 30, somewhat inexperienced with the stuff and new tangueray was decent (as per Snoop Dogg). so, I was low 9 funds one day and saw this New Amsterdam stuff. Is it Tangueray? No. Is it decent, at $20 for 1.75? Hell yeah! Great gin for a non-connoisseur light on funds.

  26. I had to buy a new bottle of Bombay Sapphire for the house. It was $40 for a 1.75 ml bottle and right next to it was New Amsterdam for half the money, so I bought both figuring someone will drink it when we have parties if we didn’t like it.
    My biggest fear before I tasted it was that it would be harsh or “oily”. If anything, I found it a bit “lacking”. It’s fine in a G&T. Yes, I prefer the Bombay or Hendricks (it was $55 for the 1.75 ml bottle).
    I’m going to put some of the New Amsterdam in a container and drop in a few juniper berries from the yard.
    Now all this talk of gin has me hankering for some nice, smokey single malt.

  27. I’m bummed that I didn’t read these reviews earlier. My G&T tastes like an orange creamsicle:(
    Smells like it too. Has this awful artificial orange smell to it. Wish I hadn’t bought a 1.75l bottle of it. Should have followed my instinct when I read “modern American Gin”.
    Waste of money.
    It will just have to sit in my cupboard until I can pass it off at a party as a “generous” donation.

  28. Wow! My favorite Gin reviled. I love, love, love Hendricks, and always have a bottle in my “private reserve”. But I find that New Amsterdam is a very refreshing after work gin with my favorite tonic water. I’ve always found it amusing that the “place your beverage, automobile, motorcycle, tourist-trap or what-have-you” snobs always have to try to polarize the rest of the public into thinking that somehow, thou art better than I. Well, if it it makes you feel better, fine, go for it. But snobs are snobs, and it appears that they abound. As a wise sage once said: “Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone has one”. That’s not to say that I found the review overly un-fair. It was a 2.5 out of 5 on the snob scale. But the comments that followed were like a bunch of lemmings headed for their top-shelf gin-induced dive off the snob cliff.

  29. Thanks for generating such a great discussion.

    I’m fairly new to cocktails and just getting my “feet wet.” I brought home a bottle of New Amsterdam this evening and we’re in the process of our own experimentation.

    The entire debate seems to focus on style. London dry vs. American. Historically I would agree with @Ben D but I’m willing to give New Amsterdam a stab. I’m not expecting Juniper, so we’ll see what happens.


  30. I am a big fan of this gin, probably for the very reasons others dislike it. I am not a big fan of the juniper flavor, so this is perfect for my cocktails. I have tried other gins that are loved by gin drinkers and the difference really is obvious. I can respect that appreciation too. However, for my home bar, this is a regularly purchased brand.

    Btw. Thanks for the reviews and ideas on this blog. It is great fun to read.

  31. this is a lovely G & T gin, smooth as silk with no rough edges. I like citrus notes and juniper is so 1910. A new world and a new gin! Vive Le difference!

  32. To be honest New Amsterdam is one of my favorite gins second only to Hendricks and I like ot because it doesn’t taste like juniper if i wanted that i would buy tanqueray…

  33. Reading earlier comments, I think I get where everyone is coming from. As an emerging gin enthusiast, I bought a bottle because, frankly, buying Dorothy Parker or Miller or other favorites is not something I can sustain too regularly and still put my kids through college. I liked it at first – it was different, did seem to have a distinctive flavor, and was easy to take. However over time, I’m enjoying it less – I’m starting to find it a little bit cloying. I may go back to Seagram’s next for my cheap summer G&T’s, which used to be my go-to before I started becoming a gin snob. 🙂

  34. New Amsterdam gin is definitely not for martini drinkers. I always bought Tangueray from Costco and now they don’t carry it any longer and was told by an employee to try the “new popular gin” New Amsterdam, I bought a bottle and….it’s definitely is not for making a martini. Never thought I’d dump a martini but that is what i did!!

  35. I wish I had read this blog before I “splurged” on a small bottle of New Amsterdam. No, no I don’t like it. I’ll drink the rest of it because I don’t believe in waste. And if my research is correct, I don’t think I’ll be liking any American gin, but just to be democratic I’ll try them.

  36. No, don’t give up on American gins please. While I am rather lukewarm on some (Bluecoat and Green Hat come to mind, despite what seems to be critical acclaim), I adore Dorothy Parker and it’s amped-up cousin Perry’s Tot Navy Strength from New York Distilling.

  37. I know some people talk about American Gin as if it were a category- it’s a region, rather than a style. Please don’t let one bad experience, like New Amsterdam turn you off from hundreds of gins, some quite excellent:

    If you’re a fan of the slightly more traditional in gins, try Halcyon Gin from Seattle; Denver Dry Gin from Mile High in Denver [both very classic]

    Or for something classically inspired, but very American in execution, try St. George’s Terroir.

    Or as the above poster said, there’s also Dorothy Parker (as the above poster said), I absolutely love it. Recently entered my top 10.

    Muireall- what is your go-to gin?

  38. This gin is perfect for a Negroni. I like the fact that it doesn’t stampede the palate with a ten foot juniper. The juniper is there, but it is subtle, which isn’t easy for such a distinctive and dominant berry. I like New Amsterdam and I suspect if it were three times the price the gin snobs would be raving.

  39. read some of the reviews , don’t know what they are talking about when they say Amsterdam is not good. i love it. when i go out and have a gin and tonic I ask if they have Amsterdam and if they say no i tell them they need to get it in their bars and restaurants. it is that good.

  40. look at the double blinds awards its won obv cannot be as bad as you make it out to be, 90-95 pts consistantly. while I agree its low on juniper its due to the presence of more citrus not a lack of juniper, the ‘fake’ orange you are tasting is in fact the juniper mixing with citrus. I put it close to the rangpaur style tanq but cheaper smoother and more citron than lime.

  41. Best gin I ever tasted I love juniper smell as much as Christmas and I really enjoy the flavorful abundance of the juniper berries in new Amsterdam gin and it goes down smooth I lemon and lime fresh squeezed ice cold or just shooting a shot just the right amount of alcohol for a borderline alcoholic

  42. I love gin, and i really enjoy New Amsterdam. My husband, also a gin fan, doesn’t. He calls it a flavored vodka, and complains about the vanilla notes. I’m drinking a lovely New Amsterdam martini right now, with a twist of lemon, stirred, and it pleases me. Not a Hendricks martini, to be sure, but delicious. My favorite cocktail with New Amsterdam, though, is gin and juice {grapefruit juice and a splash of orange juice).

  43. Mind you, New Amsterdam Gin was sitting next to my almost favorite Bombay Saphire. (The one with pepper is bolder & is difficult to find) At 19.99 is was pricier than its sister Vodka at $13.95, which I had tried some time ago. The bottle appears bit different than one shown & has the word “straight”. I started reading the reviews & thought I made a bad choice. Well, the plan for tonight was to take a walk or have a drink, chose the latter. I tried NAG straight as recommended & found it ok. I then proceeded to complete a gin & tonic (canada dry). The G & T to my surprise seems good, not great or marvelous. Yes, a bit much sugary & low on the botannicals for my taste. Many point in same direction. I have learned that Gin is an acquired taste which I am kind of new to. So I am learning. I will probably prefer other gins after this one, but I will definitely enjoy this one, relaxed & will take the walk another day.

  44. My daughter found this when we in the third and last week of our holiday in Florida. We both loved it, very different but very drinkable with a slice of lemon and not too much tonic. We only just managed to get through a 75cl and a 1.75 bottle before coming home. We cannot get it in the UK so we will have to wait for our next trip in 2 years time, perhaps, to sample it again.

  45. I am new to New Amsterdam Gin. I truly love it….no lime just ice GIN and Tonic, must be Sweepes tonic or it will taste bad.Love the gin just have a gripe with CAP.
    Especially ON 1.75 litre. It is so soft aluminum that once opened the cap is finished. Need a better cap. [email protected]

  46. Tried it for the first time today.
    It’s slightly better than the uber cheapo stuff you see on the bottom shelf, or the crap you catch less than honest bartenders using as ‘well’ booze.
    Since it already tasted like orange bitters, that’s what I mixed it with.
    An orangy orgy of marmalady delights? A mimosa overdosa?
    It was interesting, but I’ll stay with Gordon’s when I can’t afford better and Tanqueray when I can.

  47. A big fan of New Amsterdam No. 485 Gin, I think it makes a great martini, just a couple drops of vermouth. Love it in a G&T as well. Also a fan of Bluecoat and Pinckney Bend. We can agree on Plymouth though. Different strokes for different folks.

  48. Well I read all the reviews starting in 2012 and moved on to 2015. I thought some of these experienced Gin drinkers might learn more over time…but no!
    I first discovered New Amsterdam in its introduction around 2000, apparently it took a while since it has been around for 400 years. I was at a food/wine/liquor tasting at a seminary near my home. The New Amsterdam rep was passing out samples from a decanter filled with New Amsterdam Gin sitting in ice. The Gin had been infused with cucumber slices and long slivers of cucumber rind (skin if you will). It was one of the most refreshing and clean tasting tastes I had since Summer.
    I went home and tried cucumber with a selection of Gins I had on hand and nothing compared to New Amsterdam. The next Summer I visited my cousin down South where we spent a 5 day 4th of July celebration on his sailboat and I introduced him to the cucumber martini. It became the hit of the lake. People flag us down pull up next to us and asked to try the infamous cucumber martini. We then would pull our Mason Jar infuser from the freezer. They thought me the wizard from Connecticut (i.e. The Connecticut Yankee in King Authors Court and yes that is where Samuel Clemens lived). I visited my cousin again this Summer and the Cucumber Martini was once again revived.
    The thing about something new is you just have to learn what it complements and what compliments it (sorry to dangle my participle). Experimentation is the key and failure is not so bad when you drink your mistakes (I was a chemistry major in college and you could not drink your failures but as I type this the Purple Jesus does come to mind). Being a gardener I experimented with all my vegetables but the cucumber still won. New Amsterdam also won the Bloody Mary experiment. No it failed miserably the Gin and Tonic experiment. For me it is best with vegetables.
    If you agree I recommend purchasing an infuser that gives plenty of room for the item to be infused with a strainer just before the pour spout. Keep it in the freezer. An instant cucumber martini to pour straight into your chilled martini glass kept beside the infuser in the freezer! For a little spark put a small sliver of red onion in the infuser (believe me start very small, it will take over quickly if too large).
    This was fun! I think I should start my own review site. Next week IPAs!
    [email protected]

  49. Unduly harsh reviews for a fairly smooth drink. It does taste somewhat artificial and a little flat, but look at its price range. The most damning thing I could say about it is that is has a momentary take away of cough syrup, but it’s very slight and doesn’t make it undrinkable. Most spirits at this range taste bad enough to make you sick; 12 dollar whiskey generally tastes like lawn clippings, 12 dollar vodka usually tastes like lighter fluid, and cheap tequila tastes like…well, tequila. (Take that, tequila, lol).

    I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the world’s finest gin’s, and the “flavored vodka” synopsis is pretty fair, but the vodka that is being flavored isn’t half bad. People who said they spewed it the moment it touched their lips are being pretty dramatic.

  50. Had a couple G&Ts with New Amsterdam. It sucks. Yes it’s cheap but it’s too citrus forward. Might be ok in a Tom Collins but other than that skip this as a purchase.

  51. Terrible gin. Had a few G&Ts with this. Too citrus forward. Not sure you can call this gin. Skip. It’s a 1 out of 5 at best.

  52. Total garbage. Terrible taste. Had this in a couple of G&Ts and going to give the bottle away or dump it. Not sure it’s even a 1 out of 5. Skip it. Might be that it’s too citrus forward or that’s too low in alcohol content or both. The citrus is kind of fake/bad tasting. My standby G&T is Sapphire with Jack Ruby Small Batch Tonic syrup.

  53. Tried the vodka at my daughter’s and found very smooth. Being mainly a gin drinker and really liked the flavor and smoothness. Enjoy it on the rocks.

  54. This product really doesn’t taste like gin to me.

    If you want a gin with an especially pronounced citrus note, try Tanqueray Malacca. It has a very noticeable lime without obscurring any of the other botanicals.

  55. Jusr tried this product and it really doesn’t taste like gin to me.

    If you want a gin with an especially pronounced citrus note, try Tanqueray Malacca. It has a very noticeable lime component without obscurring any of the other botanicals.

  56. Just tried this product and it really doesn’t taste like gin to me.

    If you want a gin with an especially pronounced citrus note, try Tanqueray Malacca. It has a very noticeable lime component without obscurring any of the other botanicals.

    (Bob–you’re right about Gordon’s. It really is a very good gin for the price. (Much better than New Amsterdam.))

  57. Just tried this product and it really doesn’t taste like gin to me.

    If you want a gin with an especially pronounced citrus note, try Tanqueray Malacca. It has a very noticeable lime component without obscurring any of the other botanicals.

  58. I’m not very experienced with gin but I definitely agree with this review. It’s too weak in cocktails (even in a gin and tonic the tonic overpowers it) and even though it has a juniper smell it doesn’t show up in the taste at all. That being said it’s pretty smooth when you drink it neat, it’s really easy to drink it straight. If their vodka is anything like that it must be fantastic. The gin certainly isn’t a bad flavor (I actually like it’s citrus-y flavor even if it’s kind of fake) but it’s disappointing if you’re expecting a gin flavor

  59. Wish I would have read this review before I waisted my money. Now I’ve got a nearly full bottle that I’ll have to find some use for. I’m thinking weed-killer–but only for weeds I don’t like.

  60. Yeah, it’s not good. Had some the other day, and nearly went into insulin shock. It’s all sugar. It’s owned by EJ Gallo though, so it’s not a big surprise. This definitely tastes like a gin made by the same folks that give us Thunderbird.

  61. This is not gin. This is what you get when you make Triple Sec and put it in a bottle labeled “gin.” This is what you get from a company called “New Amsterdam” that is based in California instead of New York. On the upside, they can use the same recipe for both their gin and their triple sec if they’re smart.

  62. I have been using this gin to make my martinis for about 2 years now. I think it’s the best tasting gin I’ve ever had. Some people just get way too picky. Keep up the good work, New Amsterdam.

  63. Give this a try, as I did, when it’s the well gin at a bar before you take the negative comments to heart. You’ll save a couple bucks vs. a pricy named gin and might be pleasantly surprised. Go for a martini – so you get a real read on it.

  64. not sure this is actually gin. it’s certainly not for true gin drinkers or any traditional gin cocktail. might as well be flavored vodka. won’t buy again.

  65. In the summer I drink gin martinis (toonies); in the cold months, I drink bourbon or scotch. This summer, I decided to try a variety of gins: Tanqueray – no, because I knew I didn’t like it in toonies, only with tonic; tried Hendricks often because it’s so smooth/mild; Bombay Sapphire – good (but I’m still disappointed because my toonies don’t turn out blue – that’s only the bottle – what a scam!).

    Well, spending $30 – $40 for 750 ml. every 4-5 days was a bit much, so today I decided to buy New Amsterdam – 1.75 liter @ $20, can’t beat that, can you? Plus, this month I’m on a tight budget.

    After I came home I checked this website. OK, “orangey” it is for sure. I would never mix it with olives, but with a lemon twist, not so bad. I tend to think of its “orangey” taste as more Mandarine orange, or tangerine, which might be why folks think it’s a candy-like taste.

    Regardless, I’ll finish this 1.75 ml bottle over the next week and decide what to choose next. New Amsterdam is much smoother than Gordon’s or Gilbey’s, and I’d prefer not to take out a small loan for a 1.75 Hendricks, tho’ I’d prefer that.

    For the money and if you’re new to gins, this is a good one. Some of the top shelfs seem harsher, but as for me, well, Scotch season is up next.

  66. If anyone can help me figure this out: I’m a bartender and sommelier, and no other liquor or alcohol gives me an instant headache except for New Amsterdam Gin. I love gin and drink from other distilleries regularly.

    My brother loves it and occasionally leaves a bottle in my freezer which always temps me to try it again. Tried again last night and had a migraine within minutes. I simply cannot drink it and have no idea why.

  67. What did I pay for New Amsterdam, like $12? The low price must be taken into consideration, as well as the fact that most people buying cheap gin are definitely mixing it. That said, I am enjoying this gin. On its own, it doesn’t stack up to Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire (sometimes I buy Burnett’s, my budget favorite), but there is nothing offensive about it. Good with seltzer and lime, lime Perrier, or ginger ale.

    I’d give it 3.5 stars, but I’ll round up to be kind since half stars aren’t an option here. If your budget is limited to the tier of Gordon’s and Seagram’s, New Amsterdam (or Burnett’s) is worth a try.

  68. I wish I’d read the reviews before purchasing this “gin.” It tastes like someone dropped some orange oil into some cheap vodka. You get what you pay for, and this is by far the worst gin I’ve ever had.

  69. Got so sick one night in college on gin that for years just the mention of it had me running for fresh air! Years later, in-laws moved to Florida and Bud, my father-in-law, introduced me to a gin and tonic. Loved it and that became a regular event at 5pm on the porch. He was a Beefeater fan. Move ahead fifteen years and I am now a confirmed G&T devotee. Have tried all the gins, and of course, some are spectacular, but none do the trick day in and day out like New Amsterdam. Summer days at camp along Lake Champlain invariably end with a G&T at cocktail hour, enjoyed with all the neighbors. They come, raving about, and asking for the G&T that Carl makes. What does he make it with? A tall pint glass filled to the top with ice; A quarter or smaller section of lime squeezed over the rocks; A four count pour (two and a half generous shots) of New Amsterdam gin; filled the rest of the way with Schweppes Tonic. Stirred with the knife blade used to cut the lime. Sunsets are glorious and so is the New Amsterdam gin and tonic.

  70. I’m new to gin, I like the whiskey, but I have to say I bought some to pour over a couple olives in a glass and I really enjoy it. Especially with a touch of olive brine added. Neat but dirty. I like it

  71. I’m new to gin, I like the whiskey, but I have to say I bought some to pour over a couple olives in a glass and I really enjoy it. Especially with a touch of olive brine added. Neat but dirty. I like it

  72. This is possibly the worst tasting gin I’ve ever had. It cost me $20 and I’m going to use it to clean my glasses and windows. It’s really undrinkable. Wish I knew how to get my money back. Going back to Beefeaters.

  73. If you mixed tutti-frutti candy with Aristocrat gin, this is what it would taste like.
    It is a truly vile potion, and I’m amazed that it’s still being made–Who would buy a bottle twice? (I didn’t even finish a bottle once!)

  74. I’ll admit, I’m being lazy and cheap by buying this stuff. Strangely, for me something I’ve always liked about gin and tonic is that I don’t really like it but I could continue to sip on it all night and not end up with a brutal hangover (as long as I was able to refrain from doing shots of jag or something at last call). I’ll have to pick up a bottle of Bombay next time to see what I really think.

  75. This stuff is rancid. Flat out. Yes there are worse gins available but why bother adding to a pile of crap if you don’t have to?

  76. Good gawd…I wish I had seen this before I bought the ‘colossal-sized’ bottle. Yech! Just yech. There is some sort of shortage going on and it was one of the few gins left on the shelf. Sh*t, now I see why.

  77. Juniper has to be foremost in any gin to my taste.
    Lacking that, this gin has an interesting flavor – not sure that I like it enough to make it a staple in my cabinet. I’m in my 80’s – maybe that is the issue. But … we’ll see.

  78. I did a homemade gin tasting a couple years ago and New Am was in the mix. I found it patently uninteresting. No nose, hardly any flavor. “Meh. Nothing there, bland.” It wasn’t the worst of the lot (that honor was reserved for Hadley & Sons paint thinner labeled as a gin), but it wasn’t memorable.

  79. What an interesting excursion just to read these comments. Except for the occasional grammatical errors, I found this to be lovely writing. But then again, I like to read, and I like to write. Oh yeah….this is about Gin.

    So I was given this BIG bottle of New Amsterdam “gin” yesterday, and simply put, this friend stated that she just didn’t like it. I didn’t ask her why, perhaps I should have, but it was a gift, and I accepted it graciously. She’s a gin drinker.

    Right off the bat I’ll just say I prefer the London Dry Gin styles (like Bombay, Hendricks, Beefeaters, etc.) and more for the front-forward Juniper that anything else, and I’m not being a snob by saying that, just giving my preference in taste.
    Last night, I poured myself a shot, sniffed it, and yes, it was very orangey. I sipped half the shot glass, swirled it around in my mouth, then swallowed it. It was smooth, that I must say, but a touch too sweet for me, as I like the dry style. I tossed back the remainder of it and realized that it was by far not the worst gin I’ve ever had, and just a style that’s not my preference. There’s a reason for the traditional dry-style being around for so long, and being loved by most gin drinkers, and it’s because they’ve acquired a taste for it. Gin is not for everyone, and It’s pretty much like anything else in life––some people prefer a Pilsner over an IPA, some people prefer Jazz over Rock, and some folks are early-to-bed, early-to-rise, while others stay up all night burning the flame til sun up. It’s all good man.
    This was a FREE, big-ass bottle of gin that I will probably use in some type of a punch-bowl concoction on a hot summer day down at the river. To each, his or her own, and enjoy the moment.

  80. This is my favorite gin. It makes a great G&T; so smooth and refreshing. I am 66 years old, andover the years I have gone through Tanqueray, Beefeaters, Boodles, as well as many of the cheaper gins that I won’t name here. My friends and I all agree that New Amsterdam is by far the best. I don’t take a chance with anything else. Five stars for NA Gin.

  81. I find “new” style alcohol (made for the “kids”, you know) to always be too, too powerful with flavor notes that are also too, too, in the forefront. Drinking gin martinis, or mixing classic gin based drinks? Stick with the stuff that’s been around for over a hundred year, and stay away from modern permutations! If find this to be true for gin, bourbon, whiskey, brandy, etc., etc. that’s why a lot of this stuff is “value priced”, or why would you bother with it. BTW, I double everyone on here that says it tastes like citrus vodka, and not classic gin….

  82. I just purchased a pint of the new amstrdam gin and the taste is off. It actually tastes like no gin I’ve ever sampled. Maybe it’s a bad batch. But no matter as a person who typically enjoys the taste of gin this taste like mildew smells. Not sure what happened but it is terrible. Please test your batches before they go out to the public. Now I’m afraid to purchase more and I feel compelled to tell fellow purveyors of gin not to buy your brand until you make sure it is the gin that on some level taste like gin.

  83. Just tasted New Amsterdam for the first time and it’s not very good. It’s way too sweet and doesn’t really taste like gin.

  84. Really not suitable for a Negroni, because the orange flavor is too strong. I’m also accustomed to tasting juniper in my Negroni. Am I alone there?

  85. I completely agree with this review. But I am bothered by the writer’s defensiveness. In a publication devoted solely to gin, there is no such thing as a “gin snob.” It’s as if there can be a “car snob” in Hot Rod or Motor Trend. Any comments suggesting the writer is a “gin snob” comes from a fool and an ignoramus. God, is New Amsterdam Stratusphere Original a bad gin. I’ll take Gilbey’s any day, not to mention Gordon’s, or maybe no gin at all and just a vodka w/lime instead.

  86. I completely agree with this review. But I am bothered by the writer’s defensiveness. In a publication devoted solely to gin, there is no such thing as a “gin snob.” It’s as if there can be a “car snob” in Hot Rod or Motor Trend. Any comments suggesting the writer is a “gin snob” comes from a fool and an ignoramus. God, is New Amsterdam Stratusphere Original a bad gin. I’ll take Gilbey’s any day, not to mention Gordon’s, or maybe no gin at all and just a vodka w/lime instead.

  87. I totally agree with your summary of this Gin. Thought I would try it. Maybe good to offer guests you dont like a lot. I am going back to Beefeater.

  88. Good batanincal gin refreshing new I generally drink whisky but but on a summer’s days with tonic hits the spot I think above most others

  89. I really didn’t find it all that sweet, or the citrus fake, but then I’m usually at odds with liquor reviews. I either like it or I don’t, and don’t try to dissect it.