Denver Dry Gin

Denver Dry GinOften when we get talking about craft gin in the United States we inevitably get to talking about “contemporary” gin. Those “crazy,” “new western, “new American,” “out there,” “not your grandpa’s gin,” and other such descriptors. Denver Dry Gin is none of those and a whole lot more. This is a gin for those who were raised on classic London Dry gins who might now be looking for an American distilled alternative.

Tasting Notes

Nose is bright, full of juniper, soft citrus and a touch of coriander. Nice, immediately recognizable as gin, and classic at that.

Denver Dry Gin is remarkably smooth, quiet building juniper, a touch of earthy notes with bright spicy coriander and hints of lime.

Finish is slightly warm, but never burning, smooth. Medium length juniper and citrus finish. Nicely balanced.


Juniper comes out brightly and dominant in classics such as a gin and tonic. Highly recommend this for summer gin and tonics for lovers of classic style gins.

I was equally as impressed with its presentation in several other drinks. Makes for a very smooth, very pleasant martini. The bright citrus and coriander notes stand out, and is very easy to drink.

It was a little overpowered in the Negroni. Would have loved a dash more strength so that the juniper notes rose above the Vermouth and Campari. But these three drinks tell the story of Denver Dry Gin: smooth, nice flavor, a well made classic gin, but one that works best in drinks where gin is up front and starring. Give me Gimlets, Martinis, Martinez, any of those variations on the Martini put up in Slate’s bracket, or even sip it neat.

Overall, Denver Dry Gin

Fans of classic style gins should seek out Denver Dry Gin, as it’s one among a small handful of juniper-forward gins distilled in the united states that are quite excellent. I’d recommend it in the same breath as Halcyon Gin or Chapter One Gin.


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