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Recently, I was taken to task by an anonymous commenter. The gist was as followed: you’ve called several gins the “best selling gin in the world.” Yes, many are. Gordon’s is one of the best selling gins in the English-speaking world, and the best-selling gin in the world in terms of overall numbers over the life of the brand. And then there’s Ginebra San Miguel, which in turn (in terms of volume, units sold) is the best-selling gin in the world, in terms of year over year sales. And then we have Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin, owned by Beam Suntory, which is the best selling gin in Spain, and in terms of units, among the best selling gins in the world year over year. But this impression is of their upscale offering featuring 12 botanicals.


The nose is bright and awash with orange blossoms and coriander. Quite nice, very inviting, and decidedly contemporary.

The palate of Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin is still bright with lots of citrus: a melange of tangelo, orange, and particularly Mineola. The mid-palate signals a shift wherein juniper and Pfeffernüsse cookie excites the palate. Grapefruit rind on the finish. It’s a well played, citrus forward gin. Although the overall impression is largely citrus-forward, it does offer some nice counterpoints; however, unless you’re a fan of the citrus-forward-contemporary-style, it might be a little too far out there. That being said, I like the fresh vibrancy of the citrus flavor, and I think it works well in citrus-forward gin cocktails like the gimlet or gin rickey which could benefit from a little more. The downside is that the juniper notes mid-palate are somewhat an afterthought, and don’t hold much sway when mixed. It’s strongly citrus forward.

Someone who really liked this type of gin will say that the bright citrus aroma and palate makes it a great mixer. Someone who is a fan of more traditional gins might be a little put off by its “one-note” and juniper as a bit player character.

Overall, Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin

Despite the bright citrus on the palate, I find it a little too “one note” and perhaps a little unbalanced in favor of citrus. It does some good things; however, I think there’s many others executing the citrus-forward contemporary style with a little more grace. Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin is a decent gin, and a good value at its price point.


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  1. Dear Aaron,
    Larios 12 is certainly better than the original and your review is right on the money. Its certainly citrus forward, with juniper in the background and in this respect has a greater affinity with New Western styles of Gin. However, it’s a little rough and ready around the edges but at a good price point (when in Spain). For me it makes a good everyday budget G&T for those who like the citrus profile. I’ll have to wait until the next time I try this to pay greater attention to the citrus balance/inbalance.
    Thank you, David.