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Boulder Pink Gin from Colorado’s Vapor Distillery exemplifies the more modern approach to “Pink Gin.” Whereas many of the style’s forerunners were low ABV and highly sweetened; the pink gins on the market in the United States tend to come in at a proper gin strength (>40% ABV) and tend to be much less sweetened.

Vapor Distillery’s Boulder Pink Gin starts with their Boulder Dry Gin and is flavored with grapefruit zest and rose. The color is augmented with carmine.

Tasting Notes

The nose reminds me of Sacred’s Pink Grapefruit (distilled, not pink) Gin. Pith and pip aromas lend a complex, meandering grapefruit nose. Slight herbal hints, with mentholic green undertones round things out— although floral in impression, a closer look reveals citrus and herbal notes contributing most to that flavor.

The palate is heavy with clean, floral character. Rose is present, but violet— in particular the earthy, creamy unctuousness of orris root is what really carries the profile.

Juniper, while quiet, is present. It pokes through especially on the finish where a cool and quite long lasting camphor and mint note lends complexity. Hibiscus, jasmine green tea and rose petals linger on the edges of the palate.

Further, it’s not very sweet. The overall flavor profile of Boulder Pink Gin has more in common with distilled gins than sweetened pink gins. Moderately astringent, slightly tannic, while relying on the natural apparent sweetness of the floral botanicals.


Boulder Grapefruit and Rose Gin is at its best sipped neat or on the rocks. Given it’s 47% ABV, it also mixes well in cocktails. The floral profile is dominant, so treat it as such. Though it works well in floral standbys like Aviations, my favorite cocktails rely on the elegant combination of violet + lemon. Try it in a Tom Collins or Martini with a twist.

Overall, Boulder Pink Gin

Don’t be fooled by the color alone. Boulder Pink Gin is a capital G gin proper. the juniper is present, albeit subtle.

If you want a sweeter cocktail, that’s on you or your bartender. Boulder Pink Gin is one of the rare pink gins that can walk this delicate line— and please both sides.

Highly Recommended in its category.


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