Botanical: Lavender

Lavender FieldSo common in modern gins that one gin writer remarked, “Lavender is the quintessential American botanical.”

Though widely used in modern American gin distillation, Lavender and its distinctive essential oil has been popular in cooking and perfume for centuries. Lavender remains a favorite of aromatherapists and is a common ingredient in herbal teas, as well as gins.

Gins featuring Lavender

Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Gin may be “English,” but the botanical blend and influence is from a vastly different part of the world:

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Brooklyn Gin

Contrary to name, Brooklyn Gin is not distilled in Brooklyn, but a bit more upstate at the Warwick Vallery Winery

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Candy Manor Gin

The pinup model on the bottle calls to mind an intriguing tale of Prohibition era Smyrna. This one is probably

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