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“The yuzu fragrance is entirely its own… [it] resembles no citrus familiar to the West.”— [Source] Shizuo Tsuji, former head of the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka and author of Japanese Cooking, a Simple Art. This quote hits even closer to home because the import of fresh Yuzu is still banned in the United States (fortunately Japanese who moved to California brought with them the tree when the immigrated in the late 19th century).

However, this isn’t about the United States— this is about Australia. While the former might inform why for my unceasing love of all things citrus, I am absolutely fascinated and intoxicated by the floral citrus aromas of fresh yuzu, the team at Four Pillars fell in love throughout their experimentation in the late 10’s. They are also inspired by local Yuzu— theirs from the Ovens Valley where the yuzu in Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin is grown.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Pine, juniper and some herbal hints of lemon and citrus. Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin is not simply a Yuzu flavored gin— there’s a lot of other botanical complexity in here.

Flavor: The citrus early reads as primarily lemon, but with ginger and coriander adding depth. Mid-palate, a robust dark juniper adds some spruce-like pine notes. There’s a roasty, warm nuttiness as well.

Darker, heavier lemon and lime citrus notes come in late. Herbal hints of lemon myrtle and lemongrass hover over a warm, mildly spicy, pepper and ginger note. On subsequent sips I came back to add that I’m also getting some orange on the back as well.

Complex and citrus driven, Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin resists the urge to be a single note gin. I’d even wager you might not guess that the core botanical was yuzu without knowing. It certainly adds a lot, as none of the citrus fruits I mentioned in my tasting notes are in here.

Finish: Moderately to fairly warm— Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin brings a bit of warmth to accompany the Yuzu. Fairly long finish with ginger, coriander and pepper.

Cocktails and suggested serves

This gin is a nice mixer. Iced of chilled, I find that the citrus feels a bit more pronounced. Try it in a gin and tonic or a gin and soda, garnished with fresh lemon.

Of Four Pillars’ suggested serves, I recommend their Yuzu Drop Martini.

Overall, Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin

Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin is a solid, well rounded gin that blends juniper, citrus, spice and herbal notes together in a way that is elevated and delicious to drink. Perhaps my biggest critique might be that for a product branded as a “Yuzu Gin,” I expect some more clear yuzu notes.

Sure, it’s a good citrus gin, but is it a yuzu gin?

If you’re looking for a citrus-forward contemporary gin, you’re going to like Four Pillars Yuzu Gin. However, if you’re looking for a gin that celebrates the Yuzu, there’s offerings like Tenjaku, which are equally as well balanced but put the Yuzu in a more prominent place in the botanical blend.

Recommended in its category.


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