100 Mill St. Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

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100 Mill St. is best known for their peculiar choice of base spirit, laboriously distilled from Maple Sap. In 2022, they released a limited edition spirits that innovate and riff on their excellent flagship gin. Of the three, 100 Mill St. Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is the one that stylistically will seem the most familiar to gin drinkers. It is their flagship gin aged gin casks that previously held bourbon.

Tasting notes

Color: Pale brass and fully transparent

Aroma: Sweet cinnamon rolls with hints of vanilla and maple cream. Slightly dessert like to the nose.

Flavor: Light oak and clean wood notes early, with vanillin softening the approach. Mid-palate some citrus pith accompanies the slightest hints of orange and lavender.

Late, some peppery character comes through along with a touch of tannin from the wood.

Finish: Moderately astringent with a fair amount of wood character and a very dry mouth feel. The finish is exceptionally long with a dry cedar and pink peppercorn notes.

Cocktails and suggested serves

100 Mill St. Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is a limited edition spirit and it seems best designed to be sipped neat. I preferred it with a single ice cube. The coolness and water smooths out some of the rougher, woodier notes.

If you’re looking for a 100 Mill St. aged gin better suited for cocktails, I recommend their Toasted Old Tom.

Overall, 100 Mill St. Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

Rather dry, 100 Mill St. Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is a touch more about the barrel than the botanicals. However, there’s several good things going on here— from the nice vanilla notes on the tip of tongue to the overall quality of the maple sap base.

Some might find it a bit light in juniper, while fans of the distillery’s work will notice that the time in the barrel might have cost it as few of their other gin’s signature floral and citrus notes.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable aged gin worth a sip.


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