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Founded in 2010 by Alex and Jane Nicol of the Spencerfield Spirit Company, the brand has thrived and expanded throughout the gin renaissance. They’ve come along way from their humble beginnings— in 2024 they will move all production to their new “Arches” distillery in the heart of Edinburgh.

Their flagship Edinburgh Gin features fourteen botanicals on a neutral grain base, including some less common ones like cobnut, a type of hazelnut that grows in Great Britain.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Clean pine chiefly, with soft orange zest and hints of fresh meadow.

Flavor: Much more citrus comes through when sipped. Early pine blossom, clover and heather add depth to a bold green citrus heart— lime, makrut lime and lemongrass all rolled together.

A hint of custard and creaminess, with fresh pine blossom, comes in later with some nutty hints of hazelnut. Delicate spice notes towards the end.

Finish: Mild and dry, with coriander and pine bud

Cocktails and suggested serves

Edinburgh Gin, despite some of its unusual botanicals, mixes well as if a rather classic gin. Try it in a gin and tonic with a dry Indian Tonic or pair it with a floral elderflower tonic water to bring out the heather and floral side of pine blossoms.

Bartenders will find it a contemporary leaning gin that works well in most classic gin cocktails. I suggest a gimlet or Negroni.

Overall, Edinburgh Gin

Straddling the line between classic and contemporary, Edinburgh Gin is a versatile gin that works well in cocktails and mixed drinks. There’s enough juniper for most, though some will find the lime dominated citrus and pine blossom accented juniper create a more floral gin than they might desire.

I like the balance and surprising combination of botanicals. I like even more that it is versatile. While some of their flavored options might be a bit more acquired tastes, Edinburgh Gin is a solid flagship gin that is worth seeking out. To me its a standout offering in their lineup.


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