Q Elderflower Tonic

Q Mixers emerged out of a darker time in the world of Gin and Tonic. Many of the tonic waters on the market were as sweet as sodas. In 2007, Jordan Silbert founded the company. Their flagship Q Tonic Water was among the first “less sweet” tonics with a more rounded, less metallic quinine note. The brand has been a hit and their portfolio has steadily grown. In 2019 they launched Q Elderflower tonic water.

Compared to some of their other offerings, Q Elderflower is far more sweet.

Q Light: 20 calories/ 7.5 oz.
Q “Classic” Tonic: 45 calories / 7.5 oz.
Q “Indian” Tonic: 70 calories / 7.5 oz.
Q Elderflower Tonic: 80 calories / 7.5 oz.

Similar to the rest of their product line, the sweetener is real sugar. The elderflower is a natural flavor, complemented by citric acid and quinine.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Powdery with vivid elderflower the whole way through.

Flavor: Moderately sweet with hints of sweet apple early. Clean bitterness begins mid-palate. Finish is elderflower with powdery and fruity facets. Unripe peach flesh on a fairly long, powdery floral finish.

Mixing with Q Elderflower

Similar to other elderflower tonic waters on the market, Q Elderflower tends to overwhelm shy gins. However, for gins that don’t feature a floral note like Tanqueray or Beefeater, it complements the juniper nicely. I recommend it for adding a floral lift to traditional London Dry type gins.

However, take note of the sweetness. Q Elderflower is much more sweet than your usual Q Mixers tonic water. Fans of less sweet tonic waters may want to look elsewhere.

Overall, Q Elderflower

Q has made a bright Elderflower Tonic that may be a bit too cloying for some. For those who’ve turned to Q as an alternative to supermarket tonics, that may be a bit disappointing.

Otherwise, it’a a successful and pleasant floral tonic water.

Q Elderflower Tonic Water is available from Amazon.

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