Q Indian Tonic Water

Q Indian Tonic Water

From the makers of the long-established Q Tonic Water brand comes the product line extension we didn’t know we needed. It’s designed specifically to mix with “London Dry Gins,” Q Indian Tonic Water has more bitterness, more sweetness, and more carbonation.

Tasting Notes

When you pour Q Indian Tonic Water, the first thing you notice is that it indeed is more fizzy than Q Spectacular Tonic Water. Rapid fizz, with plentiful jets streaming from the bottom of the glass.  The nose is very clean and very plain, perhaps suggesting to me a subtle lemon seltzer.

Q Indian Tonic Water has a nice but concentrated initial fizziness on the palate. It gently fades leaving a pronounced, somewhat earthy with an almost note of cherry wood quinine flavor that last in the back of the throat. It’s a much longer quinine presence; however, it’s not aggressively or assertively bitter.

I find the sweetness is at the right amount. It is definitely sweeter compared to its older sister; however, it’s not cloying. It will make a sweeter G&T but it’s far from the sweetest on the market.

I made a Gin and Tonic with Old Elk Distilery’s Fort Collins, CO Dry Town Gin. I love the texture of the fizziness even mixed. There’s enough bubbles that even if you prefer a strong G&T, you’ll still get some.The mid-palate is clean and left for the gin; while the finish of the gin is seemingly prolonged by the ringing quinine tone.

Q Drinks makes a variety of really good sodas.  But as far as tonic waters go, I think Q has managed to outdo even their quite excellent Spectacular tonic. Q Indian Tonic Water is a near perfect balance of sweetness, carbonation and bitterness.

Though they suggest that it pairs best with London Dry Gins, I think that this tonic water is best paired with any gin that has a bold flavor. Or if you prefer less tonic water in your G&T by volume. Q Indian gets you all the best parts of the tonic, without as much dilution.

Highly Recommended

Q Indian Tonic Water is available from Amazon

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2 thoughts on “Q Indian Tonic Water”

  1. Okay, this is really good stuff. Spot on, not too sweet. I prefer it to Q regular Tonic. Thanks for the review.

  2. According to the Q Mixers website, “We have renamed our Indian Tonic Water to Classic Tonic Water.” You may want to note that in the review. I got a bottle of the Indian Tonic yesterday, so there is still some of it out there, but your link to Amazon now goes to the Classic Tonic, which is confusing unless you know about the name change.