Owen’s American Tonic

Owen's American Tonic

Brothers-in-law Josh and Tyler founded Owen’s Brand Mixers are named for their great-great grandfather and aim to compete in the natural (sugar, not corn syrup) space in the tonic water category.

A single can of Owen’s American Tonic is 70 calories per 8 oz. serving (the can itself is 8.2 oz. by the by). It only features cane sugar as a sweetener, with natural flavors, citric acid, and quinine.

Tasting notes

Color: Perfectly clear with tight effervescence.

Aroma: Slight sweet citrus. Hint of lemon and lime, Very mild.

Flavor: Moderate sized bubbles, tightly concentrated on palate entry. Nice texture.

Mid-palate, it has a nice neutral canvas. Owen’s American Tonic is somewhat sweet, but not cloying. It has more citric acid tang than it does overt citrus flavor, especially on the back of the palate. Finally, it has a moderate bitterness that begins mid-palate and slowly intensifies towards the finish.

Owen’s I would say is on the more quinine forward of tonic waters; however, it’s far from overwhelmingly bitter.

Finish: Very long, low level bitterness. Pleasantly earthy and dark.

Overall, Owen’s American Tonic

Owen’s American Tonic seems to be looking for the sweet spot. It’s not a tonic for the sweet lover. It’s neither a tonic for the bitter lover. It walks a middle road which makes it a perfectly welcome addition to most any gin and tonic, but it struggles to stand out.

It hits a lot of the similar marks that Fever Tree’s tonic does for me. Which is a double edged sword in a crowded tonic water marketplace.

Overall, I think it’s a nicely balanced tonic water that will showcase your gin while staying in the background adding bitterness, sweetness and tang.

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