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CapRock Organic Gin launched back in 2007. Its base stands out now, but back then? It was unlike almost anything else on the craft spirits market.

Distilled at Jack Rabbit Hill, a biodynamic farm in Western Colorado, the gin features a mixed base spirit. The fruit component is distilled from Jonathon and Braeburn apples (grown at a nearby organic apple farm). The wheat is Romanian red winter wheat. Tasting, the apple base is up front and center.

Botanically, CapRock Organic Gin features twelve different botanicals, distilled on a Bavarian copper pot still.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Strong initial suggestion of pear eau-de-vie suggests the apple base is being featured as if a botanical. Light floral notes like rose lend it a bright, fresh aroma.

Taste: Light, green juniper early. Mid-palate some of the floral, bright fruit notes begin to come out. Hints of stone fruit, nectarines, roses, and eucalyptus.

Finish: Largely base-spirit driven, with bright pear and apple lending a clean long finish. Hints of pepper and spice hover on the edges. Very light on the astringency with mild warmth.


The gin and tonic seems to bring the nascent juniper to the fore. Try it in a gin and soda to emphasize the apple, pear and rose notes. CapRock Organic Gin is a pleasant mixing gin that because of the botanical-like complexity of the base spirit reads as very contemporary.

This gin excels at summery, crisp drinks. The Gin Rickey, Tom Collins and the Southside all shone with the bright floral notes of Cap Rock Gin.

But it works well in wintry drinks as well. A hot toddy seemingly brings forth warm apple cider like notes to complement the lemon and juniper.

Overall, CapRock Organic Gin

CapRock Organic Gin is a contemporary style gin that wears it base spirit and floral botanicals like badges of honor. Fans of classic style gins may find it a bit too contemporary— the base spirit in particular might be the most difficult for fans of grain based London Dry Gins.

However, if you like contemporary style gins, especially floral gins, or fruit base gins— CapRock Organic Gin is among the best examples of all.

Recommended in its category.


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3 thoughts on “CapRock Organic Gin”

  1. I love this gin! First bought it in Basalt liquor store when on a ski trip to Snowmass and have looked for it every time I go there. I like it so much that I am trying to find it online!

  2. As of late 2023, Caprock profile is definitely more juniper forward and leans more heavily towards a Traditional flavor. Juniper is now predominantly front and center. It is a still a fine gin but less Contemporary than the initial review. They must have change the recipe.