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Fy Gin is self describes as a Hawai’i Wet Gin— a smart branding decision that differentiates itself readily on the shelf. “Not London Dry,” is a bold stance to take; however, they embrace the ways they deviate, including adding flavors after distillation. Sometimes a slightly anarchic stance is needed to stand out.

The gin celebrates it’s Hawai’ian origin. It is distilled from sugar cane and features a tight botanical list including ginger, lime, lavender and juniper.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Sweet, slightly tart, oily lime on the nose. Powdery lavender on the edges with a slight hint of juniper— but the juniper is clearly in the background.

Flavor: Citrus dominant, clear sweet, almost candied lime on the tip of tongue. Mid-palate lime combines with juniper, becoming heavier, with darker, zesty notes suggesting orange. A mild lavender adds some lightness late on the palate.

Finish: Short-to-moderate in length, Fy Gin finishes with some delicate spice and citrus pith.


Fy Gin is an ideal candidate for gin-forward mixed drinks like the gin and lemonade, gin and soda and gin and tonic.

It works well in cocktails, although it can be a bit easily overpowered. I recommend trying it in citrus-forward drinks like The White Lady or Tom Collins.

Overall, Fy Gin

Despite not being London Dry in technique, there’s no mistaking Fy Gin as a gin. Juniper is present throughout. Further, it covers five flavor categories in nearly equal parts. There’s moments of floral, juniper, citrus, spice and heat. While not complex, Fy Gin has a nice balance.

Recommended for fans of citrus-forward, gin mixed drinks.


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