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Denver Based Mile High Spirits expanded their gin product line with their 2019 launch of Summit Gin. It adds a slightly more contemporary offering in contrast to their also excellent, classic style Denver Dry Gin.

As with their other offerings, it is completely distilled on their custom built glass from a base of corn. They use fresh citrus and a melange of botanicals from both the old and new worlds.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Piney juniper, ginger and a thick haze of lemon and sweet orange zest.

Flavor: Citrus is dominant throughout, but with spice contributing a greater share than even on the nose. Lemon eases into heady ginger root, suggesting the earthiness of ginseng or the spiciness of cloves.

The finish is moderate in length. Hints of green juniper and the echoes of the spices suggest the flavor of a cola, with coriander and citrus peel lending length.


Summit Gin is the contemporary contrast to the same distillery’s juniper-forward Denver Dry Gin. One thing the two share in common is that they are versatile mixing gins. Both don’t really have a drawback behind the bar and bartenders will find them easy to use in a wide range of cocktails.

Summit Gin is at its best in a Gin and Tonic (paired with a traditional, sweet tonic water). It also is great paired with fresh herbs in a Southside.

Further it has enough botanical strength at its ABV to still stand out in a Negroni or Last Word.

Overall, Summit Gin

There’s always a place behind the bar for a versatile, contemporary style gin. Summit Gin brings a balanced botanical bill that succeeds at being accessible and contemporary— while having enough juniper to not forget it’s a gin.


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