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Michigan based High Five Spirits designed their Petoskey Stone Gin to be intentionally contemporary. “We wanted to stray away from the typical Gin and focus on the botanicals that grow locally in Northern Michigan.” [source]

For example, they source their lavender from nearby Lavender Hill Farm.

The name itself is a reference to the state stone of Michigan. Petoskey Stones are fossilized corals, distinctive because of their hexagonal shapes.

From name to botanicals, Petoskey Stone Gin is all about Northern Michigan.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Bright, fragrant lavender leaps from the gin as its poured. While floral forward, hints of vanilla cookie hovers on the edges. As it sits, a warm spice note begins to peak through.

Flavor: More well-rounded than the floral nose might have suggested. Quiet at first, green lavender leads to intimations of pithy citrus.

Warm spice, especially ginger takes over mid-palate. A hint nutty, a bit of resinous, dark juniper peaks through.

Finish: Long and warming, with sweet spice and pronounced dryness.


The florals dominate the nose of Petoskey Stone Gin— aside from a gently stirred Martini or Pink Gin, that character is largely relegated to the background.

Mixed with tonic, that warm melange of botanicals that make up the heart of the spirit come through. It’s nuttier than it is spice-forward, with an unctuous, almost umami flavor.

In cocktails, you’re going to get more of that nutty mid-palate than the light floral highs. This gin has ideal properties for mixing a Negroni or Martinez. It will pair well with sweet vermouth.

Overall, Petroskey Gin

It’s an enjoyable, albeit boldly contemporary style gin. Fans of classic styles may like to see a bit more juniper in here.

However, overall Petroskey Gin has a bold and fairly unique perspective. It mixes well and and adds something to the conversation. It’s worthy trying for fans of contemporary style gins with a nutty profile.



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