Botanical: Black Pepper

Black PepperBlack Pepper, often known simply as the “peppercorn” comes from the Piper nigrum vine, native to India and tropical Asia. The berries are picked while still green, then washed and dried, causing them to take on their signature cratered black appearance.

Peppercorn was so important that it made it to the resting place of Ramesses II in the 12th century BC and it was widely beloved in Rome during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. It was even used as a currency. By the age of Exploration, it came to dominate the spice trade, and while once only in the afford of the rich, black pepper is so quotidian that it appears on nearly every table alongside salt.

Piquant, spicy and warming, black pepper remains a popular ingredient in gin.

Gins featuring Black Pepper

Nautical Gin

Nautical Gin is “inspired by adventure.” Hailing from New Hampshire, Vertical Spirits’ adventuresome gin sources botanicals from nearly every continent.

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Iron Balls Gin

The first thing you notice, well aside from the name. Iron Balls. The first thing you notice is the unusual

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St. George Botanivore

Price:  $33 /  750 mLABV: 45% Distiller: St. George SpiritsOrigin:  California, United StatesAvailability: United States and Europe. Rating:  Absolutely beautiful, Botanivore is

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Ginbrew Jenevieve

Price:  $30 for 3 blends, spirit not includedABV: N/A Distiller: (depends on your choice of vodka)Origin:  N/AAvailability: GinBrewRating:  This rating is for

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Mother Earth Gin

Firstly, a special thanks to a couple of good friends from North Carolina who picked me up this delightful gin.

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