1643 Alpine Gin

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A practice once uncommon, 1643 Alpine Gin is created through the blending of three separate distillates. Juniper is macerated and distilled on its own. Then the citrus are macerated and distilled on their own. Finally, the other botanicals.

All are distilled on a base of wheat, at a four centuries old farm distillery in the South of Austria.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Bright citrusy top notes, lemon zest at the fore. Juniper below, with piney, terpey, and a hint of pineapple sage and ginger root. Complex and brightly aromatic.

Flavor: An interesting combination of botanicals gives 1643 Alpine Gin an almost fruity note at first. A suggestion of pineapple emerges from orange, ginger, and perhaps the apple.

Mid-palate, the juniper has a camphoraceous glow, with subtle hints of sage and pine blossom. These terpene notes continue towards the end where ginger highlights a peppery bouquet.

Finish: Mildly warm, with juniper and nutmeg hanging on at the edge of the palate with some bitter lemon. Quite dry with a soft mouthfeel.

Cocktails and suggested serves

You can highlight the pine, juniper, and sage notes in a simple gin and tonic, garnished with fresh lime.

Also try it in a Last Word. The Green Chartreuse is a natural harmony for some of Alpine 1643 Gin’s botanical bill, simultaneously elevating its herbal notes, while letting the Maraschino elevate some of its fruitier character. It’s a complex gin, but one that works well even in a complex cocktail.

Overall, Alpine 1643 Gin

For me, some of the sage and camphor notes take over the gin’s overall flavor profile. The more sips you have (always in moderation!), I find the sage notes tend to build. Sipped in a Martini, this isn’t ideal, and is one reason I prefer it in mixed drinks or cocktails.

Overall, the separate distillations have done well to highlight the juniper and the citrus. However, the other botanicals are less well balanced and drown each other out. It sometimes tastes cacophonous, lacking a true center.

However, I will highlight that I enjoy the flavor journey of Alpine 1643 Gin.

Unusual, memorable, and somewhat challenging— this gin is one I’d recommend trying before buying.


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