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Firstly, a special thanks to a couple of good friends from North Carolina who picked me up Mother Earth Gin. Jay and Sarah heard (and tried!) this new gin from the nearby city of Kinston, NC and picked me up a bottle.

Mother Earth Spirits runs a Leed certified brewery and distillery in Kinston, NC. The label of their spirits proudly proclaims their work as “solar-made,” owing to their use of solar energy to power their distillery. The product itself is sustainable, so you can feel good drinking. In addition to their gin, they make a whiskey  and (soon) rum.

Tasting Notes

Bright cardamom on the nose, with coriander along side, and pink peppercorns coming in as well. Juniper is lower in the mix, but herbaceous and crisp, providing some grounding. Quite nice, and very welcoming on the nose. Fans of G’vine Floraison will find a similar olfactory profile. Looking forward to the first sip…

Lots of lovely spice. Cardamom is definitely the star in Mother Earth Gin, with celery seed, anise, and fennel unraveling as we move to the mid-notes. A really nice spice-forward profile is emerging. Towards the finish, we have a lot of the same, with spice and heat, becoming more clearly peppercorn and wet, pine-expressed juniper. The finish is medium-long, and dare I say, quite wintry? It has a warming, spice-forward character that seems perfect for keeping warm on a cold eve. It’s quite stunning just on its own.


First, how about a Gin Rickey? Yes, please. Crisp lime, with a refreshing, brisk character. The gin is surprisingly subtle in here though, adding only a touch of cardamom and juniper. The gin is quiet, only whispering here. But still, what it does add is nice.

The Aviation can be a tall order for any gin, but Mother Earth Gin rises to the occasion. Sour, stewed cherry with some warm, baked (and slightly sweetened notes), juniper in the background setting the stage for some clean, sedate floral notes in the mid. Light saffron on the finish with peppercorn and pine as well. Really nice and recommended.

Finally, we had a Gin and Tonic with Jack Rudy’s Tonic Syrup. Sweet spice Chai tea notes at first: ginger, cardamom pods (freshly opened), bright with the most volatile aromatics. Citrus and lemon rind, highlight things with a touch of quinine which gives a needed bite. The flavor is clean and faintly spiced. Another really nice drink, recommended. 


Contemporary gin lovers are going to find a lot to like about Mother Earth Gin. Beautifully expressed botanicals with a rich aromatic presence create a delightful experience that is as good on its own as it is in cocktails. Classic gin fans will likely find themselves looking for the juniper; however, if they can abide by cardamom being the star, I’d suggest taking a closer look as this is a well made American spirit.

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  1. I’m sorry, I don’t sell the products on my site— you’d have to contact the distillery. I don’t know of any current places you can purchase this gin for shipment.