Botanical: Anise

aniseed (anise)Anise, sometimes called aniseed is a member of the Apiaceae family which includes caraway, celery, carrots among others. The aniseeds are small fruits which impart a signature anethole note. Though many other botanicals, including the similarly named star anise, contain that note, the two anises are botanically different plants.

Which makes an important point. In gins, once distilled, it’s hard to pick the difference between the two. The anethole note is there, proving that flavor which suggests “anise,” but I’ve yet to taste a clear difference between aniseed and star anise in gin.

Gins featuring Anise

Djinn Gin

Hailing from New Hampshire, Djinn Gin is made using the gin basket method of adding botanicals wherein botanicals are suspended

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Nashoba Perfect 10

Back in 2005, a Bolton, Massachusetts winery released a gin. Worthy of remark, especially today, because what we’re tasting is

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Pickering’s Gin 1947

When Pickering’s Gin opened up shop at the Edinburgh based Summerhall Distillery they were the first new gin distillery to

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Winter Flower Gin

From Prescott, Arizona the team at Thumb Butte Distillery seeks to capture the essence of the local. Each step from

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Pierdas Almas +9 Botanicals

Price:  $95 / 750 mLABV: 45%Origin: Mexico Distiller: Pierdas AlmasAvailability: United StatesRating:  There’s nothing else like it. But more than just

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