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Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery was among New York state’s first distillery’s to found after prohibition. Similar to many of the states’ earliest distilleries, Warwick got its start as a winery and cidery, and has since spun off the entire distilling operation to Black Dirt Distillery.

Warwick Gin is distilled on a German steam heated copper still in batches of only 50 gallons and is built on a rather traditional botanical selection including two kinds of citrus and anise.

Tasting Notes

Warwick Gin begins with a hint of coriander spice and an intense cirus-led nose. The lime is clearly the star here, it’s almost so intensely lime that it reminds me of gins such as Myanmar Dry. It has an authentic distilled lime zest flavor, and it immediately suggests to me that this nose would appeal to fans of New Amsterdam’s Modern Gin.

The palate is pleasantly balanced. Early, a hint of spice and bright citrus. Then mid-palate lemon, coriander and juniper. Anise comes on later, as Warwick Gin finishes with a clean, subtle anise note and an intense, oily burst or key lime zest.

Warwick Gin is nicely balanced as I said— you can pick out each of the six botanicals. A mild warmth highlights the long citrus-forward finish.


If you’re a fan of citrus-forward contemporary style gins like Bluecoat, Pickney Bend, Malfy Lemon Gin or New Amsterdam— Warwick Gin is going to feel familiar to you. However, whereas orange and lemon are more common signature citrus notes, Warwick leads with lime.

It’s very pleasant and works well in a Gin and Tonic, whether tonic water or tonic syrup. Warwick Gin is bold and holds up.

I find that Warwick Gin is an ideal mixing gin because of its bold flavor profile. You can pick it out in a Negroni or Gimlet. While the citrus is intense in a Martini, it’s well balanced in a Fifty Fifty or Dirty Martini.

Overall, bartenders should keep in mind that Warwick Rustic American Gin is a bit more in the citrus forward side; however, because of that it’s an ideal entry point into the category for those who prefer citrus flavored vodka. Strong classic-gin fans who prefer juniper led gins like Gordon’s or Tanqueray may be less impressed.

Overall, Warwick Gin

Warwick Gin is a lovely, citrus-forward contemporary style gin. While it doesn’t forget the juniper—it’s far from the star. Overall though, nicely balanced and highly recommended in its category.



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