Sprouts Diet Tonic Water

Sprouts Diet tonic water

Sprouts Diet Tonic Water is the store brand tonic from Phoenix, Arizona based Sprouts Farmer’s Markets. It’s uses Stevia Leaf Extract as its primary source of sweetener. But although this is low calorie tonic water— it’s not zero. Take note. While each 12 oz. pour (12!) of Sprouts Diet Tonic Water contains 10 calories.

This is the diet version of the Sprouts Tonic Water.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Sprouts Diet Tonic Water is pleasant enough. There’s a hint of lemon lime and 7up that quickly fades leaving a touch of effervescence. The large bubbles erupt quickly, leaving on a few, small, still bubbling in the glass.

The palate is acerbic and overwhelmingly color by the Stevia Leaf. It’s almost impossible to get anything else out of here.

There’s pairly a hint of quinine on the finish. The Stevia notes stick to the tongue. It’s really, really unbalanced.

Overall, Sprouts Diet Tonic Water

If you like Stevia flavor/sweetness— a LOT of it— you may like Sprouts Diet Tonic Water. Even among the “non-sugar” sweetener low calorie tonic waters, this one is the least palatable.

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3 thoughts on “Sprouts Diet Tonic Water”

  1. I would like to buy sprouts stevia tonic water. They quit selling it in Tampa, the one main reason I used to shop at Sprouts.

  2. Sprouts diet quinine water is the only one without fake sucrose aspartane, or other horrible sweetener. Can I still get it near me in Oceanside, store.