Old Boise Gin

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Old Boise Gin is distilled at Idaho’s Koenig Distillery. Master Distiller Andrew Koenig became inspired to open a distillery after staying in his father’s hometown in Austria.

As for the gin— there is potato in here as one might expect. After all, the potato is Idaho’s primary agricultural export.

But that potato is not in here in the way you might expect. Potatoes are a rich source of sugars and there’s a long tradition of distilling base spirits from potato. Old Boise Gin uses potatoes as a botanical. 

Tasting Notes

The nose of Old Boise Gin is quite classic. Poured, there’s a rush of top notes of which juniper is a primary component. In the glass for a second, it settles and the nose becomes quite subtle. Lavender and slight citrus notes remain.

Taste wise, citrus zest adds notes of orange and lime up front. Mid-palate, Old Boise Gin has herbaceous and clean juniper mid-palate. The finish is moderately warm.  Spice, citrus and juniper all sit in close proximity.

Overall, sipped on its own Old Boise Gin is quietly classic.


This gin hits a lot of the marks one expects from a gin. It works well in a Gin and Tonic, although it’s a bit mild. With Q’s Tonic Water, the citrus and spice notes recede into the background. A hint of juniper is all that remains.

Bartenders will like Old Boise Gin for the fact that it combines a good price point and a classic gin profile that works well in many mixed drinks; however, gin fans looking for a potent or exceptionally flavorful gin might be left a bit underwhelmed.

Overall, Old Boise Gin

Old Boise Gin is Idaho’s answer to Pennsylvania’s Faber Gin, to Kansas’s Most Wanted Gin. In other words, this is a well made regional gin that could easily be a house pour at bars across Idaho.

Competitively, Old Boise Gin is positioned more as a competitor to the Gordon’s and New Amsterdams of the gin world in Idaho state stores. It’s a step up in quality without a huge step up in price.


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