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High Plains Distilled Spirits are probably best known for their award winning Most Wanted Vodka, which aims to provide a high quality vodka at an affordable price. Most Wanted Gin entered the affordable craft gin space at a time when the space was empty. While the idea of a twenty dollar craft gin isn’t unheard of in 2018, it was exceptionally rare in 2012.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Most Wanted Gin is a little bit of juniper with a hint of ethanol.

But I found the taste to be smoother than the nose of Most Wanted Gin might have suggested. Though there’s a juniper and juniper branch at first— I find that the flavor is overwhelmingly citrus. Lots of lemon and a bit or orange.

There is a note of fresh juniper in there, and the tail finishes in a lingering way with a little bit of alcohol burn in your throat. Still remarkably smooth though, and quite drinkable.

There’s not a lot of your earthy or warm notes that you often find in gins. While I found that I think it could have been more nicely balanced with a bit more of this, I think as it is, it actually quite reminds me of New Amsterdam, which also competes in this price space.


As I said, this gin is made to be mixed and in terms of bang for your buck, you do get a good deal here. It works quite well in most drinks. While it doesn’t add a lot in terms of complexity, it adds exactly what you would want from a gin. A little bit of juniper, a bit of citrus, and a bit of alcohol to go with that. In terms of how it tastes in cocktails,

I also made up a martini with Most Wanted Gin, and I found it to be an alright drink. The vermouth works nicely with the citrus, you get a bit of that lemon seltzer and gentle juniper character. It also made quite a nice Gin and Tonic.

Overall, Most Wanted Gin

Gin snobs might want to look the other way, but this is a good gin at an affordable price point. If you’ve been sad that there’s not a local craft gin at an affordable price point (and you live in the states mentioned above) your prayers have been answered.


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