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Did you know? “The direct contribution of the Colorado Potato Complex to Gross State Product represents 10% of the state’s agricultural and food processing economy.” (source) When you think the United States and you think “Potatoes,” you probably think Idaho. However, as Colorado Gin shows— Colorado has taters too. Woody Creek’s Colorado Gin is distilled from locally grown potatoes up to a neutral 95% ABV spirit.

Several botanicals are warm macerated in the spirit before undergoing a final distillation.

Tasting Notes

Colorado Gin is brightly citrus forward to the nose. Lemon grass, makrut lime leaves, vanilla beans and a slight hint of buttery blueberry strudel. It’s creamy, luscious and very very contemporary.

Sipped, Colorado Gin shows a bit more of its gin and juniper side.

Soft with orange and lime zest at first, Colorado Gin becomes a bit more creamy with vanilla, butter crisped cinnamon crumbs and juniper. Towards the finish, there’s a bit of resonant floral undertones and a tart hint of pomegranate and cranberry on the finish.

Colorado Gin is a bit all over the place. Despite the disparate notes, it does come together on the palate. But it takes you on a journey.

Would I say the journey reminds me of Colorado?

Not so much.

But perhaps the American tropics? Citrus groves of Florida, tonka bean and vanilla with a slight hint of summer berries?

A bit more.


I’m excited by how much fun Colorado Gin is to mix with. It’s great in a Gin and Tonic. The flavors and botanicals provide enough intrigue that it stands alone in a Dry Martini.

But moreover, the balance of so many different sides of the gin flavor spectrum makes it a fun (albeit slightly unpredictable) mixer. It works well in dessert/cream drinks like the Violet Fizz or Ramos Gin Fizz. It has enough botanical fortitude for the Negroni. And it even meshes with the cloying florals of an Aviation.

Overall, Colorado Gin

Colorado Gin starts from the most challenging ‘neutral’ base imaginable and builds a compelling, bright, contemporary style gin.

While it may be too far on the contemporary side for fans of Gordon’s and Tanqueray— Colorado Gin does some unusual and fun things that are sure to win over fans of contemporary style gins like New Amsterdam.


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