Botanical: Rose

roseA rose by any other name, would it taste as sweet?

Once a symbol of prestige in perfumes, owing to the difficult of obtaining the delicate aroma of the rose petal, distillers have come up with a wide range of methods to pull those aromas out. Maceration and the addition of rose after distillation is one way to avoid cooking the rose, while some other distillers play with low-temperature and vacuum distillation.

There’s a vast number of Roses out there, each with their own unique aroma profile. Similar to perfume, we see a lot of distillers use the Damask Rose, Cabbage Rose and Dog Rose in their gins.

Gins featuring Rose

Calamity Gin

Calamity Gin— Get it, Calamity Jane?— is produced by Southwest Spirits and Wine.  A large Texas based distillery, they produce

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Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin launched in 1999. It likely needs no introduction. Hendrick’s Gin was launched by William Grant & Sons at

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Spy Hop Distilled Gin

Price:   $40 / 750 mLABV: 42% Distiller: San Juan Island DistilleryOrigin:  Washington, United StatesAvailability:  WashingtonRating:  A nice spice-forward (cardamom-forward) contemporary style gin that’s

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Ferdinand’s Saar Quince

Price:   £33 / 500 mLABV: 30% Distiller: Avadis DistilleryOrigin:  GermanyAvailability:  UK, GermanyRating:  Full of good ideas, but perhaps a bit too full.

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Helsinki Dry Gin

Price:  €45  / 500 mLABV: 47% Distiller: Helsinki Distilling CompanyOrigin:  FinlandAvailability:  Finland, UKRating: Foresty, Helsinki Dry Gin may be an example of an

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Stovell’s Wildcrafted Gin

Price:  £42 / 750 mLProof: 84 Distiller: Stovell’sOrigin: England, United KingdomAvailability:U.K. and Master of Malt.Rating:  Woody and green at first, the flowers

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