Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin

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I don’t think any gin brand tells the story of the last ten years better than Bloom Gin. Launched in 2011, it was regarded as “floral” and early marketing material described it asby women, for women.” Now it’s a brand that “turns away from gender tropes of softness and delicacy.” That’s right— Bloom has taken a rightful mantle as an excellent London Dry Gin that just happens to feature some floral botanicals. Enter Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin— Bloom’s first pink gin expansion.

Pink gin might evoke gender tropes by color alone; but floral gins in 2021 know no gender boundaries.

Moroccan rose petals and jasmine flowers are infused in Bloom Gin. No additional sweetening is present, though coloring is added to create a stable, pink product.

Tasting Notes

Color: Carnation, perfectly transparent.

Aroma: Strong jasmine nose, with rose water and magnolia notes. Strongly floral dominant.

Flavor: While light in terms of juniper on the nose, Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin shows off its strong gin foundation on the palate. Rose hips and resiny, juniper alight with some hints of neroli and honeysuckle.

Mid-palate, a pepperiness begins to emerge. The cubeb comes through with relatively loud black pepper notes and hints of jasmine.

Finish: Pepper, coriander, and pine resin all amid a dark, floral haze.


Bloom Jasmine and Rose wears the juniper on its sleeve a bit more boldly than some of its mainstream Pink Gin peers. Because of that, it mixes a bit more amicably. The gin and tonic, gin and lemonade, gin and soda, or gin and juice are where it works best. It’s an excellent mixing gin, especially with mixers that add some sugar. The fact that it isn’t sweetened, means it can handle some added sugar.

It pairs surprisingly well with dry Vermouth. Color aside it makes a nice Martini. While you won’t see the color (the perfect pink gin cocktail in disguise) Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin pairs wonderfully with Campari and Vermouth. Yes, it’s a beautiful, floral Negroni with a touch of juniper.

Overall, Bloom Jasmine and Rose Gin

Beautifully floral without forgetting it’s gin roots— Bloom’s Jasmine and Rose varietal is a resounding success.

Highly recommended in its category.


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